Adopted by Louis Tomlinson

What happens to Abby after her parents and sister die. What happens when she goes to Africa? What happens when she is adopted by Louis Tomlinson? Will she have a normal life or will love take over?


16. Chapter 15

Abby's POV
I woke up to birds chirping. I smiled and looked at the ring on my finger. I got up and looked at Eleanor. She started to stir and then she woke up. She sat up and said "Good morning." 

I smiled and said "It's a great morning!" 

She looked at me and said "It is!" I laughed. Then I got up and got ready. I walked out of the bathroom and El walked in. Then there was a knock on the door. I went over and opened it. It was Liam. I smirked and said "Go away!" 

He looked at me and said "Look Abby I'm sorry!" 

"I don't care! You broke my heart Liam! Now leave!" I closed the door and walked over to my bed. Then I broke down crying. Eleanor came out of the bathroom and saw me. She set her clothes on the bed and sat next to me. I cried into her shoulder. Then there was another knock on the door. She got up and answered it. This time it was Louis and Harry. They were both instantly worried. They rushed over to me and hugged me. They started singing "Save You Tonight" and I smiled. Then they helped me up and I grabbed my iPod and started playing music. We all started dancing around till Zayn came and ruined the fun.(A/N not like that you pervs!!!) They had to go to a interview. We walked to the car and got in. Then we drove to the interview. 

Once we got there I walked out hand in hand with Harry and Louis's arm was around me. The Paps were everywhere taking pictures. We got in the building and apparently I'm going to be interviewed too. Then the interview started and I had the first question. The interviewer said "Abby? You were adopted by Louis right? So are you dating anyone in the band?" 

I smiled and said "Yes I was adopted by Louis and I'm dating Harry." I looked at him and he held my hand. I looked at Kate backstage and she gave me a thumbs up.

 We continued the interview till the interviewer asked me "Abby? Why were you an orphan in the first place?" 

I looked at her and said "My birth parents an little sister died in a car accident and..." I couldn't do it. I ran off stage. 
A/N Drama bomb! So I hope you guys liked this chapter. I didn't put a lot of thought into it! So if your reading this please comment "I eat poop!" See y'all later till then... Eat NANDOS and love SUPERMAN!!!!


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