Adopted by Louis Tomlinson

What happens to Abby after her parents and sister die. What happens when she goes to Africa? What happens when she is adopted by Louis Tomlinson? Will she have a normal life or will love take over?


10. Chapter 10

Abby's POV
Lou was rubbing my back and said "I told you I wouldn't let anyone hurt you." I looked at him and he looked back. I turned back around to where I was facing the wall. Then he started singing Little Things. I smiled a little but I was still mad. Then I heard him say "Abby... I'm sorry. Please forgive me?" 

I looked back at him and I said "I don't know if I can, but ok." I heard a knock coming from downstairs. Then I heard the door open and people come in. I got up and made myself presentable, then walked downstairs. I ran into Liam's arms. Lou came down and took Niall and Harry into the kitchen. I looked at Liam and asked "Where's Zayn?" 

"I don't know but he called this morning saying he'd be here around 3." 

"Oh ok!" I pulled him over to the couch and we sat down. We looked into each others eyes and started kissing. It was about a minute when a person came in and said "Ugh... GET. A. ROOM!!!!" I looked up and it was Zayn. I ran over and hugged him. Then when I looked up I saw Kate. Kate! I let go of Zayn and ran over to her. I missed her so much I literally started crying. Then I had an idea. I looked at Kate and said "Go up to the top of the stairs until I say." She nodded and did as I said. "NIALL, HARRY, LOUIS! GET IN HERE!" Louis came in following Harry, but Niall was no where to be seen. Then I felt someone 'Tasered' me. I screamed and saw it was just Niall. I playfully punched him then said "Niall I have a surprise for you! But first you have to close your eyes." He rolled his eyes then closed his eyes. That's when I gave Kate the signal to come down. Everyone but me, Liam, and Zayn were surprised. "Ok Ni open your eyes!" Niall opened his eyes and his face was priceless. He looked like he was going to cry. He hugged and kissed Kate. Then I ran over to Liam. I pecked his lips and he smiled. Then Louis grabbed me and said "No boys!" Like a father. I smiled and walked back over to Liam. 

Louis again said "Ugh... Hormones!" Everyone laughed. Then Louis, Liam, and I sat down on the couch while Niall and Kate sat on the floor with Harry and Zayn in the chairs. I asked Kate "Ok so Kate. Why and how are you here?" 

She smiled and said "Well Zayn adopted me and now I'm living here in London!" I smiled. 

Louis joined the conversation with "How would you guys like it if you went on tour with us?" 

I looked at Kate and we both screamed "YES!!"

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