Good Girl Gone Bad

When the best student in school meets a few boys, she'll have to make some big decisions. Who will she choose?


3. Tutoring

“Thank you so much, honestly.” Liam said as he took a seat across from me.

“It's no problem, It's actually refreshing seeing somebody else that cares about their grades.” I chuckled lightly.

Liam got his biology books out of his bag and sat them on the table.

“You ready?” I asked and pulled the book over to my side.

“As ready as I'll ever be.” He replied quietly.

“There you are, I was looking everywhere for you. What are you doing in here?” A voice asked from the door frame. I looked up to see the voice belonged to the one and only Zayn Malik.

“Sorry, Zayn, I must've forgot to tell you I have tutoring. Do you think you could come back and pick me up when we are done?” Liam questioned, his voice was just above a mumble.

“Food get's done, people get finished.” I corrected with a slight smirk. Zayn rolled his eyes and looked back and forth between Liam and I.

“Actually, instead of wasting gas, I'll just sit in here with you guys till you are finished.” Zayn suggested with a proud grin. I stifled a disappointed groan as best as I could.

“Sorry.” Liam mouthed from across the table, I nodded my head understandably.

Zayn took a seat next to Liam and propped his feet up on the table. I glared over at Zayn and he just shrugged. 

“Do you have any homework you need help on?" I asked trying to ignore Zayn. Liam nodded and pulled a sheet out of his folder. I looked the sheet over then explained it to Liam. After my explanation was finished I sat back to let him work on his paper. I could feel Zayn's eyes looking me up and down. 

"Please stop," I whispered across the table to Zayn . "I am not a piece of meat, don't look at me like I am." 

"Y'know, it's a real turn-on seeing you angry." Zayn replied and smirk. "Your eyebrow raises, your jaw lock, and your face turns a light shade of pink." Zayn explained and finished his sentence with a lip bite, and there he went again. He began exploring my body with his eyes. 

"Stop." I repeated which only made him grin. 

"Could both of you stop please, you are making it hard to concentration." Liam pleaded 

"My apologies." I apologized and sat back trying not to look over at Zayn. 

"In my defense, she was the one talking to me." Zayn reasoned and smirked at me, I could feel my jaw locking even tighter. I was most certainly not going to start yelling, I am a lady and I'm going to act like it. I still don't understand how Liam could be friends with this ass. 

"Finished!" Liam cheered and handed me the paper. I grabbed it and read over his answers. 

"Pretty great, except you missed number two and four." I informed and handed it back to him. 

"Is number two C?" Liam questioned and gave me a questioning look. 

"Yes, you are doing great, good job!" I congratulated him. Liam smiled widely in return, I could tell he was honestly excited about doing so well. 


After an hour of explaining Liam what was going on in his class, I finally told him he was free to go. 

"Again, thank you so much." Liam thanked as I walked with both him and Zayn to the school's front doors. 

"It's no problem, really. " I replied honestly. Liam grinned and hugged me loosely, which caused me to tense up. 

"Uh...Thank you, see you again next week." I reminded before nodding and turning away. 

"See you tomorrow, love." Zayn's voice whispered from right behind me and smacked my bottom lightly. I turned around, I could feel my face lighting up. 

"Make no mistake, if you touch me ever again I will file for sexual harassment." I threatened, before turning away and walking to my locker to gather my things.

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