Good Girl Gone Bad

When the best student in school meets a few boys, she'll have to make some big decisions. Who will she choose?


9. Taking Them Home

"What the fuck?" Zayn muttered under his breath in shock as he watched his two friends making out. 

"Harry!" I shouted running over to the table and tugging on his pant leg. "Harry!" I repeated, causing him to finally look down. 

"We need to go, now!" I urged. 

"Why?!" Harry and Louis both whined and looked down at me with disappointed eyes.

"Please, just let take you home, you'll understand tomorrow." I begged with worry. Both of the teenage boys huffed and climbed down off the table and stumbled around next to me. 

"I imagine you'll need my help." Liam assumed from behind me, I turned around and nodded in reply almost forgetting Liam was my only ride 

"Do you mind if we give them a ride home?" I asked grabbing Louis by his arm and slowly pulling him along with me as Liam did the same for Harry. 

"Of course I don't mind." Liam mumbled and tried to pull Harry out the front door, but he was distracted by the people watching them. 

"Fags!" A guy called just as Liam managed to pull Harry out of his house. 

"Asshole." Liam grumbled under his breath, I looked over at him with shocked grin. 

"I've never heard you curse before."  I commented as Liam fumbled for his keys to unlock his car. 

"Well, you've never seen somebody insult my friends in front of me." Liam remarked before unlocking the door and opening the doors to the backseat and helping both the boys into the car. 

After we were finished getting them both settled Liam and I got into the car and buckled ourselves in.

"Where are we going to take Harry?" I asked, obviously Harry couldn't stay at his own house tonight.  

"He can stay at my house." Liam offered and looked back at Harry, as if asking if he was okay with that, but both the boys were passed out on top of each other. 

"So, you don't really like Harry what was your rush to get him out of there?" Liam asked turning back towards the road. 

"I am friends with Louis, you know?" I countered and raised my eyebrow at him. Liam just nodded slowly and stared directly forward. 

"They're dating, aren't they?" Liam asked finally to fill the silence. I chewed on my bottom lip nervously. 

"You can't tell them I told you!" I blurted. Liam just chuckled.

"It's okay, I had my suspicions, this kind of just made me sure."  Liam replied with and glanced back at Louis and Harry. 

"I don't understand why they wouldn't tell me, though, I wouldn't care." Liam explained looking a bit betrayed. 

"If it makes you feel better any better they didn't tell me willingly." I said in an attempt to make him feel better. Liam sighed and pulled off to the side of the road in front of the house. 

"How are we supposed to get Louis in there?" I questioned, a bit nervous we would get caught. 

"The window in his bedroom." Liam stated and turned the car off and stuffed his keys in his pocket. 

"Come on!" He called to me as he got out of the car and opened the door to the back seat and threw Louis over his shoulder lightly. I followed Liam as he walked around  the house, he finally came to a stop when he reached a window not too far off the ground.

"Will you open it for me?" Liam asked not even struggling under Louis' weight. I nodded and shoved the bottom of the window, but it didn't budge. 

"You have to push it pretty hard." Liam explained, I pushed it again and it finally slid upward. Liam smiled and sat Louis down onto the ground. 

"You first." Liam whispered. I gave him a shocked look. 

"I apologize, but I think my journey ends here, I have no clue how to get in there." I apologized and held my hands up. 

"Just pull yourself in and I'll help give you a boost." Liam explained with a shrug. 

"You seem way to experienced at this." I commented before putting my hands on the edge of the window and pulling myself up with the help of Liam's hands on my back. 

"Make sure to be quiet." Liam hushed and picked Louis up and pushed him half way through the window slowly. 

"Grab onto him." Liam instructed, I did as he said and pulled Louis by his shoulders, causing him to stir around. 

As soon as Louis was inside Liam climbed inside too. Liam picked Louis up before laying him down on his bed. 

"What are you doing home, I thought you were with Zayn and Harry?" A woman's voiced asked from outside the closed bedroom door. I looked over to Liam quickly with wide eyes. 

"It's Jay, don't worry, she loves me." Liam assured me. The bedroom door swung open and the woman turned on the light switch. 

"Liam?" She asked looking around the room with obvious confusion. 

"I'm sorry, Mrs.Tomlinson, Louis had too much to drink and we didn't want him driving himself home." Liam explained apologetically. Louis' mother let out a sigh and shook her head.

"That's very mature of you, Liam. Thank you." She replied. 

"It's no problem." 

"I really wish he would stop partying so much." Jay mumbled. 

"Sorry, dear, I haven't even introduced myself, this is such a terrible way for us to meet. I'm Johanna, just call me Jay." The woman apologized and held her hand out to shake mine. 

"Nice to meet you, I'm Harper." I replied with a grin. 

"Well, Harper and I were actually on a date tonight, I should probably be taking her home soon." Liam cut in. 

"Oooh, a date? Harper, you certainly picked the right guy, I guess I won't keep you here any longer." Jay sighed as Liam turned back towards the window. 

"You can take the door this time, darling." She chuckled


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