Good Girl Gone Bad

When the best student in school meets a few boys, she'll have to make some big decisions. Who will she choose?


2. Niall

I got weak in the knees when I heard this blonde boy's Irish accent. "N-nice to meet you, I'm Harper." I forced out, and took a seat in the chair next to Niall's. "Ms.Lemmings, today is Mr. Horan's first day at our school, he is coming from Ireland. We would normally have a senior show him around, but your principal and I both agree you are far more responsible than most seniors. So, if you would, can you show Niall around school and possibly tell him about up coming school events, and about our city." Mrs.Bolten explained looking back and forth between Niall and I. "Sure, I would love to!" I replied excitedly. "Alright, Niall will show you his schedule and you can give him a tour of the campus."  Mrs.Bolten informed and gave us both a nod. 

Niall and I both got up and walked out silently. 'So, why did you move here?" I finally asked, attempting to fill the silence as we walked down the hallway. "Dad got a job here." Niall informed "Will I like it 'round here? Are the people as friendly as 'ey were back home?" Niall questioned, his thick accent pulling at each word. "I've never been to Ireland, so I have no clue how people are there, but pretty much everybody here is friendly." I answered, and turned left towards the stairs. "You haven't ever been to Ireland?!" Niall shouted in astonishment. I looked over at him and shook my head. As I went to take a step onto the stairs I felt a hand grab my arm and yank me back. "You can't just not go! It's so amazing!" Niall broadcasted. "I guess I'll have to visit sometime." I chuckled and tugged away before walking down stairs with Niall following right behind me.

"So down here is mostly freshmen classes. Of course  it's more than freshmen students in there,but these are first year classes." I explained as we reached the bottom of the stairs. "Now, there are two things most people like about this floor." I added. "And what is that?" Niall asked. "Well, the amazing vending machines and the vacant janitors closet." I answered and led him directly in front of the janitors closet. 'What makes an empty closet so special?"  "It's the make-out spot. I've actually never seen the inside of it, but Harry Styles is usually in there with some loose moral girl." I explained. "Lets watch until somebody goes in or comes out!" Niall suggested, I considered it momentarily. "No, we should probably be continuing this tour." I replied and gave him an apologetic look. 

"C'mon, Harper, just five minutes." Niall pleaded and puffed out his bottom lip.

"Fine." I groaned.

"Good!" Niall rejoiced in a whisper yell before grabbing my wrist, pulling me around the corner next to the vending machines. I stood next to the corner, peeking around to watch with Niall behind me. "Do you want anything?" Niall offered as he pulled out his wallet. "No, thank you." I declined . "We could split a snickers bar?" Niall tried to convince me. "Oh, alright." I sighed with a slight chuckle. "Now what kind of pop do you want?" Niall asked as he pressed the buttons for the candy bar. "I don't drink pop." I informed flatly. I peeked around the corner once again. "Then apple or grape?" "Apple, please." I replied. 

I turned back around to find Niall sitting next to my feet with the snacks in his lap. I slid down the wall next to him. "Thanks." I mumbled as he handed me my juice. "So, are there other vending machines in the school?" Niall asked as he broke the snickers bar into to two pieces. "Yeah, in the lobby on the main floor, they aren't as good though."  

Niall handed me the larger piece of the candy bar and I nodded in thanks. "Ya know, you should feel honored that I'm sharing my food with you.Usually, Niall Horan doesn't share food." Niall voiced, causing me to chuckle.Suddenly we heard a door creak open. We gave each other an excited look and peeked around the corner, I could feel Niall's face just centimeters from mine. We first saw Harry peek out and look both ways to see if anyone was watching. Harry's normally perfect curls were now messy. "That's Harry." I whispered to Niall. Just as Harry walked out of the closet somebody came put right behind him. Not just some person, some guy. No, not even some guy, Louis Tomlinson. 

How ironic is this? The way I find out Harry is gay is seeing him coming out of the closet with another guy. I gasped in shock and Niall clasped his hand over my mouth until the two smirking boys were out of sight. "So, I thought you said ' a girl with loose morals' earlier?" Niall questioned. "Oh, believe me, I'm just as or more shocked than you are to see Brokeback Mountain was going down in the janitors closet and I had no clue!" I exclaimed in shock. Niall laughed and stood up and extending his hand to help me. "I mean, Louis being gay, I totally saw that coming. But Harry? No way." I explained as he helped me up. "This school seems exciting already." He muttered. 


"Now, the main floor is where all the good stuff is." I informed as we climbed back up the stairs. "To the right we have the offices and the main doors." I explained pointing to the right as we reached the top of the stairs. "Then this way we have the library, where I spend most my time." I chuckled to myself and walked him down the hall and showed him the gym, the lobby, the band room (my second home), and the cafeteria (where he spends most his time). 

"Now, out there is the courtyard." I said pointing out the double doors. "You can come here instead of lunch." I added. "Why the hell would somebody skip lunch?!" Niall asked in shock. "School lunch sucks, I advise you bring your own and eat it out here." I suggested. "Would you want to eat lunch with me tomorrow?" Niall asked and gave me a hopeful look. "Well, I'll most likely be studying during lunch, but I'd love to sit with you." I replied causing him to smile widely. "You study during lunch?" Niall asked as we turned down the hallway towards the stairs. "Of course, why wouldn't I?"I asked with a small chuckle. "You seem really smart." Niall noted. "That's because I am." I giggled. 

I snatched his schedule that was loosely hanging put of his pocket. "Third door on the right, it's last period." I directed and pointed down the hallway. "Does this mean I won't see you again till tomorrow?" He asked sadly. I nodded slowly and gave him an apologetic look. "Well, until then." He muttered and waved good-bye before turning away and walking to his class. 


I decided I might as well just go down to the library and study until the dismissal bell rings because there wasn't much time left of class. "Harper, I was actually looking for you!" Someone from behind called as I walked down the hall. I turned around to see my favorite teacher from freshman year, Mr.Cropper walking towards. "Oh, do you need something?" I questioned. "I have a student who is your age, he's in my biology class, but he's failing terribly. He really is trying his hardest to pass though. It would mean a lot to both of us if you could maybe tutor him." Mr.Cropper explained. "I'd love to, who is it?" I asked. "Liam Payne." 

"Well, could you tell him to meet me in the library after the bell rings?" I asked. "Of course, and thank you so much." 

I nodded and turned around and kept walking to the library. I had seen Liam around before, he's very quiet, but he seems sweet. I usually see him talking to Zayn and sometimes Harry, which is weird because he is nothing like them.  

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