Good Girl Gone Bad

When the best student in school meets a few boys, she'll have to make some big decisions. Who will she choose?


7. Lunch

I took a seat across from Zayn with Niall at my side. 

"I saved you a seat." Zayn muttered as he blew out puff of smoky air. 

"How thoughtful." I grumbled and rolled my eyes. 

"Yeah, thanks, mate." Niall thanked Zayn with a small grin as he began unpacking his brown, paper bag full of his lunch. 

"That's a lot of food." I observed staring at the pile of snacks. 

"I'm hungry." Niall shrugged and took a bite of one of the sandwiches. 

"Liam, come sit with us!" Zayn called and waved him over. I turned around and smiled widely at the tall young man. 

"Harper, what's up?" Liam questioned as he took a seat next to Zayn.

"Oh, not much, just studying." I answered opening up my notes binder. 

"As usual." Liam chuckled with a crooked smile. 

 "Who's the new kid?" Harry asked suddenly as Louis and him took a seat next to me. Harry reached over and grabbed one of Niall's chips. 

"Why is he talking about me like I'm not sitting right here?" Niall whispered into me ear. I looked over at him and shrugged. 

"That's Niall." Zayn informed. 

"Well, Niall, I'm Harry and this is Louis." Harry said finally actually bothering to talk to him. 

"It's nice to meet you guys." Niall replied happily. Zayn pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and held it out for Niall. 

"Have a drag, mate." Zayn instructed. Niall looked at the cigarette for a moment and looked back up to Zayn. 

"That's nice, but I don't smoke." Niall said shaking his head. Zayn shrugged placing it back in his mouth and turning his attention back to Harry and Louis. 

"So, where were you guys during fifth and sixth period yesterday?" Zayn asked. 

"Oh, nothing really, just hanging out." Harry answered coolly, trying to hide a smirk. 

"Well, I didn't have anybody to skip with." Zayn informed "Next time you decide to 'just hang out' you can count me in." Zayn added. Causing Louis and Harry to chuckle slightly to themselves. 

"I'd be happy to bring you along." 

"Hey, young man!" A teacher yelled from behind me. 

"Ah, shit." Zayn groaned in an annoyed tone just as Mr.Clark approached our table. 

"Oh, hey, boss, lunch break, eh?" Zayn asked plainly as he took another long drag of the cigarette. 

"Zayn, you know the rules, no smoking on campus!" Mr.Clark warned. 

"Oh, yeah, sorry, boss. Must have slipped my mind." Zayn apologized unconvincingly and let the smoke flood from his mouth. 

"I'm sure," Mr.Clark replied, "you can come inside with me." Mr.Clark demanded. Zayn let out a small annoyed groan.

"I guess, I'll be seeing you guys later." Zayn announced and nodded at us before flicking his cigarette to the ground and standing up to follow the teacher inside. 

"What was that about?" Izzy questioned as she approached our table. 

"Nothing, Zayn got caught smoking again." Harry shrugged. 

"You know he won't get into much trouble, Mr.Clark loves him." Louis assured. 

"I'm not surprised." Izzy sighed and took a seat where Zayn was sitting. 

"I'm Izzy, by the way, seems my best-friend here has  forgotten to introduce us." Izzy introduced herself with a large, flirtatious smile. 

"Well, it's certainly nice to meet you, Izzy. I'm Niall." Niall stuck out his hand to shake hers.

I glanced over at Harry and Louis to see their hands intertwined under the table.

"Hey, Harper, you want to get together tonight?" Liam blurted in a nervous tone. 

"Yeah, I think it's great you are eager to study again." I replied with a smile. 

"Actually, I meant to just  hang out." Liam explained. 

"Liam, you can't, you promised to come to my party tonight." Harry reminded. 

"You know, that's not my kind of thing." Liam sighed. 

"Well, you still have to come!" 

"Well, Harper should come too then." Liam suggested. 

"Niall you should come too." Louis invited with a smile. 

"Thanks, I'd love to." 

"Um, hello?" Izzy urged. 

"What?" Harry asked a bit rudely. Louis elbowed him obviously. 

"Oh, Izzy, you can come too." 

"Thanks, for your permission. You know, sometimes you can be a real ass, Harry. You are bipolar or something, yesterday you were all over me and today you are acting like my presence is such an inconvenience to you." Izzy snapped before standing up and walking away furiously. 

"I should really be going as well." I muttered before following her into the school.



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