Good Girl Gone Bad

When the best student in school meets a few boys, she'll have to make some big decisions. Who will she choose?


13. I Brought Your Homework

I slowly walked down the sidewalk to the small house. I held the folders tightly against my chest as I knocked on the front door. There was complete silence, so I knocked twice more. 

"I'm coming, damn it!" I voice shouted from inside the house before the door swung open.

"What do yo-" Zayn stopped mid-sentence when he seen I was the one knocking. "Harper?" Zayn asked and crossed his muscular arms over his chest, it was different seeing him without his leather jacket on. 

"I took notes for you and brought your homework." I informed and shoved the folder contain the papers into his hands. Zayn flipped through the folder before sitting it down on the table. 

"I'm not going to look at those. You and I both know that." He stated flatly before raising his eyebrow at me. I glanced around his house from everything I could see over his shoulder. 

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" I asked flatly. 

"Just don't make any bitchy comments about the mess." Zayn demanded and moved to the side to let me in. 

"I heard you were suspended for today and tomorrow for punching Harry." I explained and stepped into his house. Zayn sat down on the couch and propped his feet up on the coffee table. I turned my head from side to side looking through the living room that had dirty clothes and pizza boxes covering the floor. 

"Oh, I see! You came here so you could interrogate me, didn't you, princess?" Zayn assumed and put his arms behind his head. 

"No... Well, in a way yes, but I just wanted to know why you did it." I told him as I stared down at the messy couch. Zayn huffed and sat up, before picking a few shirts up to clear me a spot. 

"It's not because Harry is gay, if that's what you're thinking." Zayn began quietly and looked over at me. "It's because Louis loved him and Harry totally crushed him and humiliated him in front of everybody even though the feeling was mutual." Zayn informed and looked away. 

"So, you punched him because he was scared to tell people?" I asked quickly.

"I punched him because he is a fucking coward and asshole." Zayn spat and rolled his eyes. I couldn't help but grin slightly, even though he had cursed. 

"Why are you smiling?" Zayn questioned and put his arms back behind his head. 

"You care about Louis. You are actually a little sweet deep down, Zayn." I explained and flashed him another grin. 

"Sweet? My ass!" Zayn exclaimed and rolled his brown eyes.  "Louis is kind of my friend, I just hate that Harry did that to him." Zayn shrugged and glanced over at me. 

"I still think it's very nice of you, even though I don't believe violence solves anything." I replied. 

"Am I sweet enough for you to give me a shot, princess?" Zayn asked with a playful smirk. 

"Maybe one day, Zayn." I sighed and stood up. 

"Going so soon, princess?" Zayn pretended to be sad. 

"Relax, don't cry. I'll stop by with your homework tomorrow too." I assured him playfully and walked over to the door. I heard Zayn get up behind me and follow me to the door. 

"Can't wait, I'll be counting the seconds." Zayn promised in a hushed tone. 

"No need to count, 86400 seconds." I informed quickly and turned around to face him. Finding that he was standing way closer to me than he needed to be. 

"It'll be a lot longer than that if you don't learn about personal space." I warned and placed my hands on his chest and tried to push him away. Zayn quickly grabbed my hands and slammed me back against the door and held my hands above my hand. I let out a shocked noise when I hit back against the door. Zayn leaned in, his face only centimeters from mine and smirked. 

"I should be going." I reminded and attempted to pull away from him. Zayn didn't budge though, instead he leaned down and placed his lips on my neck and sucked harshly, occasionally gliding his tongue across my skin. I let a gasp and stiffened as soon as his lips touched me. Zayn slowly pulled away and gave me one of his satisfied  smirks. 

"I'll see you tomorrow, princess."  


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