Good Girl Gone Bad

When the best student in school meets a few boys, she'll have to make some big decisions. Who will she choose?


1. First Encounter

I walked down the hall, my long, messy hair flowed behind me. I kept my head bowed with my arms folded together keeping my books tight against my chest. I hurried into the classroom and took a seat up front. Mr.Clark looked u from his computer and over at me. "You're the sophomore, aren't you?" The teacher questioned, a small smile tugged at the corner of his lips. "Yes, sir!" I answered, flashing him a wide smile. "Why did you decide to transfer to this class? I mean, this is a very advanced class, for very advanced seniors." Mr.Clark explained. "All the other classes are too easy for me, this class is just a little less easy." I informed causing a smirk to form on his lips. "Very well," Mr.Clark commented before grabbing a piece of paper and calling roll. It was about twenty people down the list before he called out my name. "Harper Lemmings?" Mr.Clark called, I raised my hand in reply. "Zayn Malik?" He read aloud and looked around the room. "Right here, boss." A tan boy in a leather jacket said from the doorway. "Zayn, what a nice surprise, you decided to attend class today." Mr.Clark remarked. “Well, I came just for you.” Zayn replied as he walked to the back of the classroom and took a seat at an empty desk, immediately propping up his feet. Mr.Bolten muttered something under his breath in reply. 

I spent the rest of the class trying to ignore Zayn's comments. As soon as the bell rang, I jumped right out of my seat and hurried to my locker. I dumped my books into my locker and made my way to the courtyard. I thought it was probably a good idea to go out there instead of eat the school's lunch. I swear, it moved on it's own last week. I pushed open the door. The sunlight blinded me temporarily and the slight breeze sent shivers down my spine. I cupped my eyes with my hands and looked around for an empty table. Finally, I spotted one directly in the sunlight, completely empty. I began trying to make my way over to the table. “Hey, you're in my fourth period, aren't you?” A voice asked from behind. I turned around and searched for the owner of this mysterious voice. I didn't see anybody, though. Until, over in the shade against the building I saw an outline of a person move around. I strained my eyes to find that this outline belonged to Zayn. He was currently taking another drag of the cigarette in his hand. “Uh...Yeah.” I muttered and turned around, without any other words. “What's your name?” Zayn asked, causing me to turn around and face him again. Just as I did he opened his mouth and let a puff of smoke flood out and poison my air. I waved the smoke away from my face and coughed. “Harper.” I choked out. Zayn stepped closer to me. “I assume you already know my name.” He replied, a cocky grin spreading across his face. “Only because you have to be called down by the teacher so often.” I countered and stepped back from him. Moving away only intrigued him though. He came closer to me, only inches from my face. “Stop doing that.” He whispered, his eyes were staring at my mouth. “Stop doing what?” I questioned, giving him a scared look. “Being a good girl! You are so uptight, just let loose!” He explained. He blew another puff of smoke directly in my face. “I'm not a 'good girl'.” I argued, not realizing it was a lie till it had left my mouth. “Oh, you're not?” He asked, he was wearing this annoying, smug look on his face. “Nope!” I popped my 'P' . Zayn dropped his cigarette to the ground and stepped on it. “Prove it.” Zayn demanded. I became more afraid, but I certainly was not going to let him see it. “How?” I tried my best to seem tough and unfazed. “Kiss me.” His hot breath hit against my skin. I leaned forward, our lips barely gliding against each others. “No.” I whispered before turning around and walking off.  "Tease." He grumbled under his breath. 

I walked back into the school and over to my locker. "Why were you talking to Zayn?" The familiar voice of my best friend asked. "I didn't see you in the courtyard, I would've sat with you." I replied, attempting to avoid her question. "Yeah, I was busy talking to Harry." She replied and smiled cockily. "Why were you talking to Harry?" I questioned, though it wasn't all that surprising. Harry was the school's man whore. I rolled my eyes and gave her a disapproving look. 'Why were you talking to Zayn?" Izzy countered and raised her eyebrows at me. "He asked me what my name was, that's it." I shrugged, which may have not been completely true. "Well, Mr.Styles asked for my phone number." Izzy announced, smiling widely. I glared at her, giving her the same look as before. "What?!" She shouted and waved her hands around. "You are gloating that the school's man ho, asked for you number. You'll probably be one of his many booty calls." I scolded. Izzy rolled her eyes in return, she opened her mouth as if she was about to say something. "Harper Lemmings, Please report to the counselors office." The intercom sounded. Izzy made a low "ooooo" sound. "Someone is in trouble!" She teased playfully. "Please, the only time I have ever got in trouble was eighth grade year when I got into the debate about evolution with the teacher."  I recalled causing us both to chuckle. "Thank you for coming!" Mrs.Bolten greeted me at her door and led me into her office. Sitting in a chair across from her desk was a boy that look around my age. He had messy blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and he had braces. The blonde boy wore a plain white t-shirt and loose gray sweatpants. As soon as he saw me walk in he stood up and smiled at me. "Hi, I'm Niall." 

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