Good Girl Gone Bad

When the best student in school meets a few boys, she'll have to make some big decisions. Who will she choose?


5. Dragging Him Out Of The Closet

The next day I hurriedly got ready and drove to school. As I went to pull into my normal parking space I noticed Harry leaning against the car next to the spot. I climbed out of the car with my backpack. 

"Izzy didn't ride to school with me today, sorry." I muttered and began to awkwardly walk away. 

"Actually, babe, I was waiting for you." Harry shouted and walked over to me. 

"Why?" I asked, trying my best not to seem rude. 

"I just wanted to see you, gorgeous." Harry winked at me with a crooked smile. 

"Harry, I don't have time for this." I grumbled and tried to keep walking. 

"C'mon, babe," Harry pleaded and grabbed my wrist. 

"You can drop the act, Styles." I blurted without thinking

"What?" Harry asked obviously confused.

"I know you drive on the other side of the road." I quipped and raised my eyebrow at him waiting for him to understand, but he still wore the same confused look. 

"You swing the other direction, I have a V where you prefer a D, I know you like men." I explained, dumbing it down even more each time. Harry's eyes widened and he opened his mouth as if he was about to say something, but sound ceased to come out. I stared at him as we stood in silence, my face emotionless. Harry reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. 

"How much money o you want?" Harry asked, I stared at him in disbelief and shoved his wallet back against his torso. 

"Get some self-respect and put your money away." I demanded and rolled my eyes. 

"I can't believe you actually think I'd out you. What type of person do you think I am?!" I asked, growing angry. 

"Just please do not tell anybody. My dad would kick me out and take away my car, my everything." Harry explained in a worried tone. 

"You can calm down, I'm not telling anybody. Why would I? I just want you to know that you don't have to flirt with me." I explained and turned around to walk to class. 

"You know I didn't choose to be this way." He muttered as he followed me through the hallway. 

"I know..." 

"I honestly wish I wasn't like this." He sighed. 

"Harry, look, you are gay. That's just who you are and if somebody doesn't want you to be yourself around them the, you know what? Don't be around them at all." I advised and gave him a forced smile. He nodded his head slowly and took in the advice. 

"So, are you and Louis a couple?" I asked, trying to keep my voice bellow a whisper. 

"Yeah," he answered and thought for a moment, trying to choose his words. "I'm 'like' with him." He smiled just at the thought of Louis. 

"That's really sweet, Harry, I'm happy for you, but now I'm going to go class. I'm always fifteen minuted early everyday and you just ruined that for today." I explained before walking off into the school. 

"Hey, Harper!" I heard the familiar Irish accent call out to me. I turned and looked from side to side trying to find my new friend.

"Over here!" A different voice called and finally I had spotted him, talking to a tall figure that I looked closely to find belonged to Zayn. I groaned loudly and made my way over to them.

Had Niall made friends with the enemy?

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