Good Girl Gone Bad

When the best student in school meets a few boys, she'll have to make some big decisions. Who will she choose?


6. Don't Make Friends With The Enemy

"Oh, Niall, there you are." I muttered after making my way over to him, trying to ignore Zayn. 

"You look lovely today, Harper." Niall complemented with his usual goofy grin. I could feel make cheeks slowly turning pink. 

"So, I see you know Niall also?" Zayn cut in before I was able to reply. I shot him an immediate glare, but softened up. 

"Yeah, I, uh, showed him around school yesterday. He's really sweet." I explained to Zayn and glanced to Niall out of the corner of my eyes. Zayn nodded slowly, I could see his jaw tightening up. 

"Yeah, I, uh, yeah." Zayn muttered before staring down at his feet. 

"Hey, we are still on for lunch, yeah?" Niall asked suddenly, tilting his head to look at me. I smiled and nodded in reply. 

"I should be going, see you later, Niall. Goodbye, gorgeous!" Zayn said his goodbye before leaning down and quickly pecking my cheek  and walking off with a smug look on his face. Niall glanced at me with a bit of a confused expression. 

"Are you two a thing?" Niall burrowed his eyebrow. 

"He wishes." I chuckled lightly before walking off, leaving him to head to my first period class; chemistry.


"Hey, Lou," I muttered as I took a seat next to my chemistry partner. 

"Oh, hey!" He said glancing up from where his phone was hidden under the table. 

"I know you know." Louis whispered quietly. 

"It doesn't bother you that I know, does it?" I asked giving him a hopeful look. 

"Look, I've known you for a long time, we've been friends, kind of, for a while. I know you are a really great person. I don't mind you knowing, I don't mind anybody knowing. Harry on the other hand is freaking out, he doesn't want people to know, especially someone who has never liked him." Louis explained with an exasperated sigh. 

"I wouldn't tell anybody. I have no reason to." I replied defensively. Louis nodded slowly. 

"I know you wouldn't and that's what I'll tell him." Louis said quietly and turned around. 

"I really do wish we could be open about our relationship, you know? Put our pictures on facebook, hold hands at school, kiss in public, just those little things...." Louis trailed off with a sad look on his face. "But I do find about our secretive forbidden relationship." Louis added with a wide grin. 

I spent the rest of class trying to pay attention as Louis drown me in details of his relationship with Harry. As quickly as I hoped my next to periods sped by and it was time for lunch. 

"Hey." An Irish covered voiced greeted me from behind as I dug through my locker.

"There you are." I mumbled as without turning around. 

"Ready?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. I nodded slightly before pulling out a binder and walking with Niall to the court yard. 

"So, where do you want to sit?" Niall asked, standing on his tip-toes to examine our options. 

"Hey, over here!" Zayn called around the cigarette resting in his mouth and patted the seat next to him. I let out a loud groan and rolled my eyes. 

"C'mon!" Niall exclaimed and pulled me by my wrist over to the table.

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