Moonlight Rising

This is a supernatural story about a young wolf in a big family, meeting his true mate and discovering his inner self. Meet Grey, he grew up without his father in a big family who inherited wealth and secrets from god only knows where.

Carmen is about to be mated away to a man she has never met. For this she hates her parents. Follow Carmen as she discovers what its like to love someone and face the world for the mistakes Grey's father may have made.


2. Problems

Grey sauntered arrogantly out of the house and swung his leather clad leg over a sleek black Harley motorbike. He grinned cheekily up to Carmen and winked one pale blue eye. He watched her small tanned face break into a reluctant grin. Grey almost laughed at the confusion on her face when he patted the passenger seat. 

"Hop on baby!" He growled.

"No, no way are you getting me on there." Carmen announced stubbornly, crossing her arms, and slowly backing away from him.

Grey laughed loudly, and grabbed her hips gently, pulling her onto the bike behind him. He kick started the motorbike and pulled smoothly away from the curb heading downtown. 

Carmen's body shook of its own accord. The electrical hum was back at the closeness of his hard muscular frame. Her face flushed at the direction of her thoughts. Her dad had certainly made the right choice when he set them up together. Her thighs clenched automatically around him. He responded with a low chuckle causing her to flush more. Carmen rested her head on his back and turned her face to the cool wind that blew her hair. She relaxed her body and let this man whisk her away into the night.




Lily sat alone in her room, her mind churning the memories of that night. When Michael stormed out of the house,taking raven with him after fighting with her dad. How grey then left in a hurry to meet his mate Carmen for the first time. How her mother and father left to fix the mess caused. Lucien and Chris had went to the bar for a drink. She couldn't keep doing this, she wasn't a child anymore! why could they not see that. She got up, suddenly restless and paced her wooden floor her heart thundering in her ears. She stopped just then an looked around her. The entire room was white and wood. there was nothing of her personality in this room or anywhere in the house. It was like she didn't even exist among everyone else here. Tears burned her eyes. she was a person to and she wasn't going to be smothered any more. She stomped out of the house. Lily was determined to prove them wrong and she knew just how to do it. 





Michael swiped his hands across his desk in a fury. Oh Jared was going to pay for this. Nobody fucked him around and got away with it. He was the leader of the fallen! He raised hid dead black eyes to his son, Raven. A cruel smile twisted his lips. He knew how to get his revenge. He would get Raven to turn Jared's only daughter into a fallen. She was already a vampire so she would become a new breed, and the best part? Nobody would suspect it was him when Lily turned against her family and hurt them too. Not even Raven would know his part. Michael rolled his shoulders in his black muscle shirt and took out his licorice infused cigars. He calmly lit one and inhaled deeply, dragging the smoke into his lungs holding it till he burned inside. Then he exhaled, releasing his anger also and clearing his mind to finish plotting his evil revenge. 

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