Moonlight Rising

This is a supernatural story about a young wolf in a big family, meeting his true mate and discovering his inner self. Meet Grey, he grew up without his father in a big family who inherited wealth and secrets from god only knows where.

Carmen is about to be mated away to a man she has never met. For this she hates her parents. Follow Carmen as she discovers what its like to love someone and face the world for the mistakes Grey's father may have made.


1. Meeting


                                                                              Moonlight Rising


I hated rain. It poured relentlessly outside barring me from escaping to the calm world of nature. The world I craved. Never the less I sat in my white room on my white bed while I waited for the rain to pass, knowing it would take hours  My long dark red hair fell in waves to the small of my back, my pale slim body dressed in a emerald green corset dress, while my shoes were black lace stilettos. My brother would be arriving soon, the very thought cheering me up already. I stood, suddenly impatient for his arrival and walked quickly down the oak stairs. I entered the living room and there sat a letter upon the table.


It read: " Dear Lily, I'm afraid the awful news has arrived. Your father has been convicted. I am so sorry. Your mother left in a flurry of anger as did Grey. I do believe that your father is innocent and to the best of my ability I shall try to change the verdict. I shall keep you updated. farewell."


I felt my eyes fill with tears, as my heartbeat rapidly increased. My body tensed as adrenalin flooded my veins. I felt ready to explode. Something was going to happen either by me or to me. I could only wait to find out. 



One year before.

" Grey gitcha ass down here bro, we're gonna be late!" Grey turned towards the doorway of his room while a secret smile curved his sensual lips. Tonight he would meet his mate Carmen. Grey had long black hair tied into a ponytail at the base of his neck. His eyes were a cold pale blue, swimming with secrets and knowledge. His six foot four muscular lean frame was covered with black leather trousers with flames up to the knee and a Metallica t-shirt. He wore new rock shoes in gunmetal grey with more flames and a random assortment of buckles, chains and spikes in decoration.Grey slowly made his way toward his brothers downstairs. Lucian sat in a cosy burgundy recliner while Chris had opted for a more casual seat on the footrest. His mother was cooking in the kitchen, helped by the baby of the family; his sister Lily. Just the thought of Lily cheered him up as it did all of them. She was so sweet and gentle. He would kill anything or anyone who hurt her.

" We all feel the same way bro, but there's no need to growl at the door cos she burnt herself" Lucian teased while chuckling at the thought  Before Grey could answer his comment with a smart ass one of his own, the front door of the house burst open as their father was wrestled into the house by the leader of the fallen angels, Michael. He was thrown into the wall beside the sofas so hard, the plaster crumbled around him. There father growled fiercely before a evil smile curved his lips. " You fucking idiot" 




Raven was strolling the streets. Why? Because his father was a slacker who believed him to be his personal slave. Yeah one of these days he would show  him just who was boss. Yeah right. after he has his ass kicked. Raven smiled a cruel twist of his lips and his wrist burned."Hssss" He hissed, something was wrong with Lily. While Raven was contemplating a beating of his dad or his mate, a black sedan whooshed past at over one hundred and ten miles an hour; very nearly taking him with it. the car was headed downtown to where his Lily lived. before he knew what was going on, Raven found himself becoming his true fallen form and reaching her house almost immediately  "Raven, help! " Lily cried out. Once there Raven seen the damage. Michael had attacked Jared. 



After brushing her hair for her big night, Carmen shook with nerves. She glanced in the mirror again, saw her usual tanned face, wide hazel eyes and short caramel wavy hair. Grey was late. what if he didn't like her? Oh god what if this was him standing her up. "Breathe Carmen breathe, everything will be fine" she told herself, not believing a word of it.


"Carmen, he's here! " Her dad called impatiently. She felt the grin bloom on her face. He did like her. Grabbing her clutch bag she made her way down the corridor to the lounge. Her gold dress fit perfectly hugging her body to her knees while black heels elevated her height to around five foot six. When she finally stepped in the room she raised her hazel eyes to meet cold hard pale blue ones, framed by long black hair. He was not what she had expected. He seemed more the type to take her motorbike riding and showing her off to his mates as if she were a trophy. Never the less Carmen had been raised to never judge a book by its cover; so she stepped closer to Grey and saw his hand extend to hers. He raised it slowly to his lips and kissed it before he let go and stepped back. Carmen could strangely feel the absence of his body immediately and took an involuntary step closer. A slow grin spread across his features as he pulled her out the door and away for their first date. 

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