Can Dark Kill?

Only she can know. Can light ever be seen again? Could Dark really kill me? These questions can kill a 16 year old Bailey. Maybe its love at first sight?


5. um i can explain

 *home* "OMG Harry! let me go!' I scream as my lovely boyfriend of 3 years Harry picks me up and twirls me around

  "Babe i wont let you go for the the world. I have missed my little brown eyes girl!" yep you heard him. I have brown eyes, brown hair, and pretty light skin.

  " Hazz I have missed you too but I have homework!" he laughs.

"when did u want to do homework?'' i laugh at how stupid i must of sounded.

" Since you left for tour and i cried and had no life." he kiss me sweetly and it just felt perfect.

 * my mom walks in* "what the hell are you doing?!"

  " mom um this is boyfriend...''


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