Can Dark Kill?

Only she can know. Can light ever be seen again? Could Dark really kill me? These questions can kill a 16 year old Bailey. Maybe its love at first sight?


3. Lunch and Drama! yay!!!!

    *Starbucks* ''OMG I cant believe you said that!'' Megan, my best friend and my twin sister.

     "well believe it! I cant be goody goody any more. Im 16, and if I want to see One Direction in concert then I have to get people to do our homework, duh!"

    " Louis is mine! ok? good!" Izzy my bff since we were 3.

     '' he has a girlfriend...but Harry and Niall don't!! I have a chance."

    We laugh and walk back to school.

   People keep giving me high fives and saying here comes the rebel. I love it-

  "We got tickets to see One Direction and Harry will be getting a picture with the one and only me! Cassie Stevens."

  " yeah and then they will say OMG we touched a slut! lets go and hate our lives! with anything Cassie u will ruin the fandom, oh wait u already ruined it, ur a part of it." I smirk as she screams unpleasant shit at me and then leaves. SCORE!!!

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