Can Dark Kill?

Only she can know. Can light ever be seen again? Could Dark really kill me? These questions can kill a 16 year old Bailey. Maybe its love at first sight?


2. Class and Miss you got nothin on me

        What can I say? I am in love with this new dark fanfic!

   "Miss.Dwyer! care to tell the class what is so important that u are not paying attention?"

that was Mrs.Taylor. she is my reading and English teacher. I hate 10th grade! But I have a plan.....

"ok. Well let me think, I learned this lesson in 9th grade! Gosh! Teach me something new!!" I say smirking. My best friends Isabella and Megan look at me with smiles on their faces.

"um well um...'' Miss. Taylor cant say anything to me, my dad is rich and owns this school!

*bell rings*

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