Neighbor, Friend, Boyfriend

The ivory hair, pink and perfect lips and sea blue eyes are Avery's. Every one thinks she's a runt or a nobody until she drops something in her neighbors yard. She finds out they are One Direction! She never cared for the band until now. Avery soon becomes friends and then....more than friends. But will her bullies find out and get rid of her?


11. Thoughts and Talks

Huh. Just huh. I didn't know Zayn would, well, do that. For Gods sake I haven't met the girl! I laid down on my bed over the covers. It's not like she's a werewolf and will attack you if you got to close, or at least I don't think so. That got me thinking of Twilight. Team Jacob or Team Edward? I was trying to decide when Niall strolled in. 

"I know your room isn't much. White walls, no clothes or shoes or anything, just simple bed, loo, light, chair, closet, and uh rug." he said with that stunning Irish accent. i just simply sighed at that. Its not a big deal or anything it just, well.....sigh. 

"Wanna go shopping?" he then asked. 

"Um...ok. But only if it's alright with you all."I said shyly. 

"I think Louis wants to go too. Is that ok?" he asked with slight hope. 

"Ok, I guess." I said showing a smile. "What time?" I asked. 

"Saying it's only 11:00a.m. how 'bout in a half hour we'll head to Nando's and then shopping." he said getting up from the side of the bed which he had sat in.

"What's Nando's?" I asked. I really don't know what it is. I'm sorry but I don't. 

"It's only the BEST restaurant in the entire world that you must love." he answered giving me the 'Duh' look. Then he walked out. That Irish boy. 

All of a sudden I remembered what Zayn had said. What will -oh whats her name- Gabby, say? I decided to look at the locket with those depressing words. Or at least now they're depressing. Don't be afraid of true love. Just don't let if fear you as it did me. Well, hate to break it to you mom but uh fail. Down right fail. Just a locket and notin' else! I went in the bathroom and decided to take a nice warm shower, hoping it will rinse out the worries. 

After a good rinse I got out and put on the decent shorts, shirt that is blue and floral. Nice. I looked in the mirror and put my clothes and brushed my hair in a pony tail. I'm all ready, good.


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