Neighbor, Friend, Boyfriend

The ivory hair, pink and perfect lips and sea blue eyes are Avery's. Every one thinks she's a runt or a nobody until she drops something in her neighbors yard. She finds out they are One Direction! She never cared for the band until now. Avery soon becomes friends and then....more than friends. But will her bullies find out and get rid of her?


7. The Winners

Hey guys! I have the winners for you!!! Sorry if your not who you want but you all are gonna date 1D so.. 

Slight change in schedule though...there is only going to be 2 bullies and 1 BFF but then later in the movella, they'll be a BFF that we'll be dating Niall, Liam, or Zayn so you may pick!!:) The contest will still be on for that. 

The winners are.... (drumroll please) 

1Direction infection (Gabriella) as the BFF dating Harry

iGabzilla (Gaby) as a bully dating Louis

Alex.Browning (Alex) as a bully dating Niall


Sneak Peek- you'll be in the book when Avery joins a football team!

Contest on for BBF #2 for Avery and you can pick Niall, Liam or Zayn so good luck and

My the odds ever be in your favor! 

(I love saying that!)

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