Neighbor, Friend, Boyfriend

The ivory hair, pink and perfect lips and sea blue eyes are Avery's. Every one thinks she's a runt or a nobody until she drops something in her neighbors yard. She finds out they are One Direction! She never cared for the band until now. Avery soon becomes friends and then....more than friends. But will her bullies find out and get rid of her?


9. The Truth of Me

"AVERY GET DOWN HERE YOU SON OF A ****H! AND BRING YOUR SUITCASE!" yelled Barry. I knew what that meant. Today  obviously the is day I will leave this fine house. No more Barry, I thought, Yeah! I ran and almost tripped down the stairs dragging along the suitcase. It contained my clothes, a couple pics, and just a stuff animal from Tiffany back home. I made sure I looked nice and I had my locket on. 

"Goodbye and make sure the door hits you on the way out!" yelled Barry. As I walked the path out the door, I could hear the slightly large man celebrate.  

"Wait. Where do I go?" I asked myself aloud. I just walked and walked, then I walked a little more. After 5 or 6 minutes I came to this large piece of land with a lot of trees. a guess it would be a small forest. I went to this tall tree and put the suitcase on the other side of it. I lowered myself against the tree putting my knees up and my arms around my knees. It was only 7:50-something. Then everything got blurry and I....


"Aaahhhh!!!" I yelled at the person starring at me. "Niall! What are you doing?" I said to him. 

"I like coming over hear in the morning. What about you, love?" He said. 

"Uhh..nothing." I lied. 

"Tell me the truth." He said shaking his finger. 

"The truth of me is that-" and I told him about Barry abusing me, why we moved and how I am now homeless.

"You know the lads and I have a mansion, right?" He said. I nodded. "There is only 5 lads, love." I nodded again. "Well, we have room for more people so, Avery. Avery, what's your last name?" 

"I don't really have one, anymore." I said thinking back.

"Okay. Avery Horan?" He asked. I giggled yes. "Avery Horan, you are granted a wish to be my sister and stay with me and the lads." He said. 

"Yes! Thank you, uhh, bro. Wait do the lads mind?" I asked. 

"Nah!" Said Niall helping me up. Then we just walked back, as Nialls 'sister'.

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