Neighbor, Friend, Boyfriend

The ivory hair, pink and perfect lips and sea blue eyes are Avery's. Every one thinks she's a runt or a nobody until she drops something in her neighbors yard. She finds out they are One Direction! She never cared for the band until now. Avery soon becomes friends and then....more than friends. But will her bullies find out and get rid of her?


2. The Move

                I say goodbye to my friend Tiffany because I have to move to London today. She's obsessed with One Direction. I don't really care for that band but any other teenager girl my age (17 almost 18) would. I pack up my locker and walk home. 

                I run upstairs to make sure everything is packed. Only my locket from mom is left. Then I decided I will always ware it. After all I need luck, and I'm Irish so..

                "AVERY YOU BRAT GET YOUR @$%!& DOWN HERE!" yelled Barry really loud. Awe shoot, you really did it this time, I thought. As soon as I got down there he started beating me. 

                "Let's not get to carried away" he mumbles. I get in the back seat of the stuffed car and Barry puts on rock n'roll music. I have to get in the back seat of the car because Barry apparently doesn't want to see my ' ugly face'. I really don't know if its ugly or not. 

                15 minutes later we arrive at a busy airport. In another 10 minutes we hear, "All passengers going to London, please board plane 6." We do so and I thankfully don't have to sit next to Barry, though I do feel bad for whoever does. I got to my seat (seat 19) and there is someone sitting next to my seat. 

                 "Hi my names Avery. What's yours?" I ask to the guy with sunglasses and a hoodie covering a hat. 

                 "Really, you don't know?" he answers in a shy but cute British accent. I shake my head no. 

                  He smiles and says "I am Louis Tomlinson."

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