Neighbor, Friend, Boyfriend

The ivory hair, pink and perfect lips and sea blue eyes are Avery's. Every one thinks she's a runt or a nobody until she drops something in her neighbors yard. She finds out they are One Direction! She never cared for the band until now. Avery soon becomes friends and then....more than friends. But will her bullies find out and get rid of her?


8. Football

We went outside and then Louis said,"What position do you play love?" 

"All!" I piped back.

"Louis, Niall, and Liam is one team and Avery,  Zayn and I are another."announced  Harry. Each team went to one side to the field. 

"I will go defense. Avery, love, will go midfield and Zayn go forward. We went ware we were supposed to go. Then Niall and I looked around at the eager faces. "GO!" yelled Niall. Louis had the ball and I felt bad for him because he had no clue what was coming. You see, I have been playing soc- football, for 14 years. Since I was 3! 

I went after him, got the ball, did the Maradona, dribbled past Niall, dodged Liam shot and...score! I did a little victory spin and saw the boys all pale. They all looked like they seen a 10-headed monster or something. Zayn and Harry started to look less pale and started to smile.


"Beat them!" said Harry cutting off Niall. Zayn and him ran towards me. Zayn picked me up and ran around the field hollering. When he put me down my cheeks turned red. 

"You didn't tell me you were good! We won't have a bloody chance!" yelled Louis. I blushed. 

For the next couple hours someone switched teams, put me in a new position, or it was filled with chanting and hollering. The odd thing was, Lou couldn't stop staring at me. Then it hit me like a certain someone would. 

"What time is it?" I asked Louis. 

"Exactly 6:23p.m." he answered. 

"I got to go!" I said. I said bye and started to run out. Lou caught up to me and yelled a little 'wait'. He caught up and came close. We were out of the lads view. 

He whispered something in my ear,"I kinda like you." he said and smiled. I smiled back.

"I kinda like you too." I whispered back. Then we slowly moved closer. Our lips met and the best first kiss ever! And only... It was sweet. Then I had the expression of 'I got to go but I don't want to' on my face. He let go and I ran back home. A few yards away and I waved bye. I kept on running home then right before I turned the corner I stopped and waved and blew a kiss. He did to and I ran home.

~6-ish minutes later~

I got home and then I saw Barry on his phone. I went upstairs and just thought of millions of thoughts until Mr.McMeanie called me down. I went down and he was trying to stay come look. 

"Find a friend?" he said stressing most of the words.

"Yes sir." I answered stiffly. 

"Good because your actually are getting out of my house tomorrow." he smirked. I stood there stiff.                                                                    

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