He is the boy

A girl meets Harry Styles while she is hiding at her friend liams house from he dad.She falls for Harry but read more to find out


2. It Happened

"Soooo.....Do you want to stay over a couple days?" said Harry while Julia blushed."Of course. Thank you. You are so nice. How should I pay you back?" said Julia. Harry giggled with his adorable laugh "Oh dont be silly. You dont need to pay. You can stay for as long as you would like." Harry held her hand. "anything for you". Her phone was blowing up with texts from her dad saying " I swear if i find you nobody will ever see you again just like your mom!!!" Julia teered up. Harry came and put his hand around her. "What happened?" Julia was speechless. She handed Harry her phone. He gasped. " Dont worry. You will be safe with me.......... and my gaurds of course since im famous. " Oh yea!! You are from that band One Direction!!!" she screamed." Yes! And since im famous i have incredible and nice gaurds. You can come to all of our tours!!" he said exitedly. " Okay......I dont know about this. Im trusting you." A couple weeks later Harry came and knocked on Julia's door. " Goodmorning" he said trying not to be so loud. " Hey" said Julia. Harry looked awful nervous.  He started to talk " You know I've been thinking......Since you are practically going to be living here I was hoping .....if you want....... to maybe ........go out with me? Everything was silent for a moment..................................Julia jumped up and down and screamed "Yesssssss!!!!!!!!!!". She wrapped her hands around his neck as he carried her and spinned as if they had just got  married. Right then she knew that he was the boy!!!!

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