He is the boy

A girl meets Harry Styles while she is hiding at her friend liams house from he dad.She falls for Harry but read more to find out


1. I left

"Julia! Come downstairs." said her dad as she got dressed. Her dad was stomping up the stairs with a knife in his hand. As she packed, his voice got louder as if he was getting closer. She packed a knife, some snacks, a raincoat, a blanket, her phone, and more. She had stayed at her friend Liam's house for a couple days when his best friend Harry comes around. She thought she couldn't  believe her own eyes. She said " Hi, im staying here because my dad is...........ummmm" she started to cry. He rubbed her arm and she  looked up at him. " Would you like to talk about it? We can talk about it at my house."  Harry said willingly. "Sure. thank you. Nobody has ever been this nice to me since my mom passed away." As they left to his house.... Liam and his friends Niall, Luis, and Zayn smiled as if they were in love which of course was obviously true.

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