Forgive and Forget


I suppose you could say I was 'the popular girl'. I don't like that, because usually the popular girls are stuck up bitches. I'm not like that. Really, I'm not. Its not like in tv programs, where the popular girl rules the school. I try to be nice to everyone, even the less popular kids.

My name's charlotte , people call me Charlie. I just turned 19 a couple of months ago. I would say I quite pretty, and the captain of the football team is my boyfriend. I have long, blonde curly hair, with bright blue eyes. I'm quite slim, and i like the shape of my body.Typical for the popular girl, I know.

I would say I'm quite a strong person. I mean, I used to be bullied when I was younger, because I wasn't very pretty, but I stood up for myself. Now, I can take a lot of what people say or do to me.

But this time I just couldn't take it. I don't think anyone would be able to take it from a celebrity.


39. Chapter 39:

Harry's P.O.V:

The crowd erupted with cheers, screams and applause as our platforms rose from underneath the stage. We put on massive smiles as we began singing our first song, but they weren't fake smiles.

This is the best part of the job for me, the part I love the most. Performing, but best of all, performing for the fans. I love making the fans happy, if they're happy then that makes me happy. We wouldn't be here without them.

There was thousands of screaming girls in the crowd. There were a lot of pretty girls there, and we had met a group of teenage girls backstage. But there wasn't anyone more beautiful than my girl.

I spotted her instantly. She stood in the front row, looking as beautiful as ever, in a tight black dress. We locked eyes for a moment, and she flashed me a massive smile. I smiled back at her, getting lost in her bright blue eyes.

I received some 'aws' from the audience, but some boo's from the jealous girls. Was it that obvious the I had been staring in awe at my stunning girlfriend? Well I didn't care anyway. They could boo all they wanted, but she was mine.

I winked at her then continued to sing our opening song, 'Kiss You'. Zayn's solo was first, then it was my solo. I sang to charlotte.

"Oh tell me, tell me, tell me how to turn your love on,
You can get, get anything that you want,
Baby just shout it out, shout it out,
Baby just shout it out, yeahh..."

After my solo, it was liam's, then it came to the chorus. We all sang our hearts out, jumping around the stage and trying to touch the hands of the girls in the front row. They were all screaming, it made me smile widely to see them go crazy.

"So tell me girl if every time we, tou-u-uch,
You get this kinda, ru-u-ush,
Baby, say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
If you don't wanna take it slow,
And you just wanna take me home,
Baby, say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

And let me kiss you..."

I blew kisses at the crowd, making them go even more crazy. I ran past the front row, and stopped when I reached charlotte. I reached down and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead, making the girls around her stare jealously.

She smiled widely, and blew me a kiss and I pretended to catch it. I grinned before jumping up and running around the stage again, singing.

Charlotte's P.O.V:

We were the first people to arrive at our seats. Other people started entering the arena a few minutes later, and after about half an hour almost every seat was filled. The concert was soon to be starting, and I was really excited to see the boys perform.

I thought nothing could ruin today, but I was proven wrong. Rosie was sitting to my right, and lila was sitting on the other side of her excitedly. But to my left, there was a girl who I hadn't expected to see here.

It was the girl from starbucks the other day, the one who had insulted me. She obviously noticed me there too, because she grinned, I could practically see her planning something evil in her mind.

"How's the baby? Is it doing good?" She made conversation, like nothing had happened. She smiled evily, poking my stomach. I held my hand protectively over my stomach, and I just ignored her, but rosie happened to be listening in.

"Baby? What baby?" She frowned, then she realised. Her expression turned to. And hoping shocked.
"You're pregnant?!" She cried. I slapped my hand over her mouth, glancing around that no one heard.

Lila heard, but I didn't care, she already knew. I hadn't recognised her at first, but now I realise that she was one of the nice girls we had met at starbucks too. She was supportive about it, which I was grateful for.

Rosie looked nervously over her shoulder, to see if lila heard. She didn't know that we had met before.
"Don't worry about her, she knows." I whispered, tearing up slightly. Rosie raised her eyebrows, but I just shook my head.

The show was just about to start, so I mouthed 'later' to rosie and turned back to the stage.

Harry's P.O.V:

We sung a lot of songs and had a lot of fun throughout the rest of the concert. About half way through, we decided to some twitter questions. We had the laptop and began reading out some of the questions.

Louis started answering some of the questions.
"Can you guys do the harlem shake for us?" He laughed as he read out the question on the screen.
"Well, I guess we can try. You up for it boys?" We all nodded.

It was pretty funny actually, seeing as we can't dance. We answered another question after, liam read this one out. "Can any of you do the worm?" He laughed before looking at us.

"Well I think I can, and harry can too." The crowd started shouting for us to show them, so we did. Liam was right, we could both do the worm pretty well.

After we had answered a few more random questions, we were about to stop answering them and go back to singing. However, one particular question caught my eye. I didn't believe it a first.

I didn't mean to read it out loud, but I did. Everyone in the arena must have heard me, as they all fell silent.

"Harry, did you know that your girlfriend charlotte is pregnant? It might not even be your baby." I read the question aloud. Everyone stopped screaming. it was like everyone just froze.

I looked over to charlotte. She was crying hard. The girl next to her must have been the one who asked the question, because she smiled triumphantly. I must have looked really angry, because when charlotte and I locked eyes she looked so scared of me. Her eyes were pleading.

I just shook my head at her, feeling the anger bubble up inside of me. How could she not tell me? I threw my microphone down and stormed off of the stage without another word.

We're done, no more chances this time.

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