Forgive and Forget


I suppose you could say I was 'the popular girl'. I don't like that, because usually the popular girls are stuck up bitches. I'm not like that. Really, I'm not. Its not like in tv programs, where the popular girl rules the school. I try to be nice to everyone, even the less popular kids.

My name's charlotte , people call me Charlie. I just turned 19 a couple of months ago. I would say I quite pretty, and the captain of the football team is my boyfriend. I have long, blonde curly hair, with bright blue eyes. I'm quite slim, and i like the shape of my body.Typical for the popular girl, I know.

I would say I'm quite a strong person. I mean, I used to be bullied when I was younger, because I wasn't very pretty, but I stood up for myself. Now, I can take a lot of what people say or do to me.

But this time I just couldn't take it. I don't think anyone would be able to take it from a celebrity.


38. Chapter 38:

Rosie's P.O.V:

It was the night of the boys' concert. Charlotte and I were sitting in her bedroom, getting ready. We were both excited to see the boys perform, it was just like the first concert we went too where we met the boys.

We both did each other's hair and make-up like we always did for a special event. We made each other look beautiful, but charlotte didn't need the make-up to look beautiful.

She was an extremely pretty girl, I don't know how she couldn't believe that. No matter how many times she has been called beautiful, she always listens to the haters and believed that she was ugly.

But she was flawless. I wasn't surprised that harry loved her, and louis was secretly crushing on her. Yeah, I knew about that. It's obvious; the way he looks at her all the time.

After we had done our hair and make-up, we picked what outfits to wear. I stared in awe at the number of amazing dresses she had. Louis had bought them all for her, lucky girl.

I picked a tight blue dress, which was quite short. I decided to add some blue earrings and a necklace that niall had bought me. I hated him throwing his money around, but he insisted on buying it for me.

Niall and I were official now. The fans reacted in the same way as they had reacted with charlotte and harry; we got half support but half hate.

Charlotte decided on a pretty black dress, adding a white belt. The dress was tight, and slightly shorter than mine. It hugged her figure perfectly, I smiled as I admired her.

I wore some blue heels whilst charlie wore black ones. We both had purses to match our dresses, too.

We stood next to each other and admired ourselves in the mirror. I caught charlotte smiling slightly, I could tell that she thought she looked pretty. Which she did, I must add.

I took a picture of us on my phone, and posted it on twitter. The caption was,

'Of too the boys' concert with @CharlotteWright! X'

We quickly got a lot of replies, most of them were compliments on how we looked, the fans were mostly very supportive. But there was still some people who wrote mean things.


Excitedly, we both jumped out of my car as we arrived at the O2 arena. I was excited about seeing the boys perform, which I hadn't seen for about a week.

It was different this time, though. We always watched from backstage, but this time harry had sent charlotte some front row tickets. We had VIP passes as well, so we could go backstage after the concert.

There were hundred of girls waiting outside of the arena already. The doors opened in about ten minutes, so we were too late to see the boys before the show, because we would never get our seats in time.

I sighed, and was about to join the girls who were queueing, when I saw a girl sitting on the floor crying. She wasn't in the queue, she was leaning against a wall, a few metres away. She couldn't be seen that easily, but charlotte and I both saw her.

We exchanged a look, before we both began walking over to her. As we approached her, she looked up at us with her face bright red from crying. She looked scared of us at first. Charlotte frowned slightly, like she had seen this girl before.

"What's wrong love?" Charlotte reached out her hand and placed it on the girl's shoulder.

"I-I-I had front row tickets... I payed for them, and I payed for a few of my friends to come with me... But there was another girl who I didn't pay for... She stole my ticket... She pushed me and beat me... Now I won't ever be able to afford tickets again!" The girl cried.

I felt sorry for the girl. But there was nothing we could do, was there?

Charlotte reached into her bag, and pulled out one of our VIP passes. Then I realised what she was doing. Why was she giving away our passes?

"Here, take this. Its a VIP pass, I had extra." Oh. That makes sense, I remember that she said that harry had sent her extra passes. I smiled at her kindness, she always tries to do things for other people.

The girl stared at charlotte in shock. "Wh-what? You're just giving this to me?" A massive smile appeared on her face, and she threw her arms around her. I saw charlie smiling proudly. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" The girl repeated over an over.

"How will I ever repay you?" The girl asked, after a moment. Charlotte just shook her head.
"You don't have to pay us back." She stated, then the girl must have only just realised who we were. Her face showed it, but she didn't say anything.

I remembered that we wouldn't be able to get to our seats on time, if we waited in the queue. Just then I saw someone entering the arena from the back entrance.

Not just anyone though, this guy happened to be the cute, sexy, blonde irish-man who I was absolutely thrilled to call my boyfriend. He saw me too, and I saw his smile light up.

I ran over to him, trying not to draw attention to niall. Charlotte and the girl followed behind me. Niall opened his arms to give me a massive hug and kissed me on the forehead.

"Rosie, charlotte! I'm so glad you both came!" He cheering in his thick irish accent. I loved it, it was so cute. "Who's this?" He motioned to the girl standing beside charlotte, and I realised that we hadn't asked her name.

I looked over at the girl, who introduced herself. "I'm lila.." She whispered shyly.
"Hi, lila, how old are you?" Niall smiled.
"I'm fifteen." The girl replied, nervously staring at the floor. Niall gave her a hug, and told her not to be nervous. He was so sweet.

After a while, I told him that we had to go. "We have to go queue up if we want to get to our seats." I sighed. Niall shook his head, confused.
"You don't need to queue up, just come through here." Niall showed us through the back entrance.

I grabbed his hand and followed him through the familiar corridors. We had been through here before, at the first concert.

We passed the boys' dressing rooms, and I could hear laughter coming from inside. The boys were messing around, as always. I smiled and shook my head, rolling my eyes.

Paul was standing with his arms folded outside the dressing rooms, guarding the boys. Niall walked over to him and talked to him for a moment, before coming back over to me.

"Love, I've gotta go now, but paul will take you to your seats, okay?" He asked me, kissing my cheek.
"Yeah sure, good luck babe, love you!" I replied, as I pecked him on the lips.

He smiled his gorgeous smile again, flashing his teeth.

"Thanks rosie, love you more, bye!" We shared one short last kiss and niall gave charlotte a quick hug, before paul escorted charlotte, lila and I to our seats.

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