Forgive and Forget


I suppose you could say I was 'the popular girl'. I don't like that, because usually the popular girls are stuck up bitches. I'm not like that. Really, I'm not. Its not like in tv programs, where the popular girl rules the school. I try to be nice to everyone, even the less popular kids.

My name's charlotte , people call me Charlie. I just turned 19 a couple of months ago. I would say I quite pretty, and the captain of the football team is my boyfriend. I have long, blonde curly hair, with bright blue eyes. I'm quite slim, and i like the shape of my body.Typical for the popular girl, I know.

I would say I'm quite a strong person. I mean, I used to be bullied when I was younger, because I wasn't very pretty, but I stood up for myself. Now, I can take a lot of what people say or do to me.

But this time I just couldn't take it. I don't think anyone would be able to take it from a celebrity.


2. Chapter 2:

Charlotte's P.O.V:

I woke up to the buzzing of my phone underneath my pillow. I groaned and rolled over, looking at the clock. 5:00am. I knew it was Rosie calling me, but I was really tired and I couldn't be bothered to answer the phone. She didn't stop calling me, so I decided to answer it. I shoved my hand under my pillow and grabbed my phone and answered.

As soon as I answered, she screamed down the phone. She was excited for tonight, and so was I.
"Fucking Bitch" I muttered, still tired.
"Good morning to you too!" I heard the hint of sarcasm in her voice, but I could tell she was smiling. "Happy Birthday!" She screamed again, I'm surprised I haven't gone deaf yet. "I'm just outside with your presents, bye!"

Just as she hung up, I heard the door open downstairs. Then I heard her run up the stairs. I smiled at her as she walked through the door, holding three massive bags full of gifts. She screamed happy birthday again, and my eyes widened at the amount she had, then I was even more surprised when ran downstairs and brought up three more massive bags full of gifts.

"How many presents have you got me?" I gasped, and she giggled at my reaction. "These are from your family," she gestured towards three of the bags, "and these are from me and Lexi!" Lexi was Rosie's sister. She was 15 and she was like my sister, like Rosie.
"Thank you!" I screamed, before opening any of the gifts.

I started opening all my gifts, they were all amazing but I got so many it's too long to list. The best present was the last one, from Rosie. I ripped of the wrapping paper and inside was a box. I opened it and gasped. Inside was the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen. It was a dark blue dress, with matching heels and sapphire earrings. I had seen the dress in the window of a shop, but I couldn't afford it because it costed £399.

I realised something and gasped again, and looked up at Rosie. "Rose, how did you afford all of this?" She smiled back at me, "I couldn't really, but anything for my best friend!" Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. I gave Rosie a massive hug and thanked her. I tried on my outfit and Rosie said it looked amazing on me. I decided to wear it for when we met One Direction.

"Let's go shopping!" I shouted once I had got dressed into some casual clothes, and pulled Rosie off the bed. "But you've already got an outfit?" She looked a bit hurt. "For you, silly!" I giggled, and pulled her out of the house and into my car.

We had an amazing day shopping, and I picked out Rosie the amazing outfit. It was like mine, but a bright pink colour. I picked out matching heels and earrings, and she looked stunning. I paid for it out of my money I got from my parents. She refused to let me pay, but I payed before she could stop me.

We climbed into the car, with about 10 bags each. As soon as we got home, we changed into our outfits and did each other's hair. Mine was straight at the back with loose curls at the sides. Rosie did my make-up too, and when she finished I looked beautiful.

The concert started at 7:00pm, but we had backstage passes so we were aloud to go in at 6:00pm. We got into my car and drove to the venue where they were performing. In the car, we had the Take Me Home album on and we were singing loudly, receiving strange looks from people in the other cars.

Soon, we arrived at the stadium and jumped out of the car. There were loads of security guards, and hundreds of fans already queuing to get their seats. We walked round to the back, where the backstage entrance was. There were two large scary-looking guards blocking the door, to stop any fans sneaking in. I took a deep breath, knowing I was about to meet the boys. I just couldn't believe it.

The security guards didn't seem to be taking any notice of us, until I cleared my throat.
"Excuse me?" I tried to get the guard's attention. He looked down at me, clearly bored of the fans trying to sneak in. "We have backstage passes, to meet the boys." I spoke confidently. Just then, a tall blonde woman who looked like she was in her mid-thirties, emerged from behind the guards.

"Hello!" She greeted us with a warm smile. "You must be Charlotte and Rosie, you bought backstage passes?" She signalled to the guards to let us through, and they immediately parted, allowing us to enter. We walked through a lot of corridors backstage, and she introduced herself as we walked.

"I'm katrina, you can call me kat." She smiled at us. "I'll be here for you today, if you need anything just ask. You get to meet the boys before the show, then watch it from front row seets. You also get to go to the after-party with the boys, which is later on after the concert." Wow. I didn't know this, we got to go to the after party! I looked over to rosie, it was obviously her who planned this... She caught my glance and smiled at me. I mouthed 'thank you' to her, and she gave me another big smile.

We eventually reached the room where the boys were. You could tell that the One Direction boys members were in there, because you could hear their loud voices, screams and laughter coming from behind the door. Kat pushed the door open, and the boys turned their heads towards us. They knew we were coming, and we were the only ones who had gotten backstage passes.

Harry was the first to speak up. "Hi, you must be charlotte and rosie, right?" he smiled his million dollar smile at us. I nodded as I couldn't say anything, I was lost in his eyes. The other boys got up off their sofa and greeted us, pulling us into hugs. Harry hugged me tight and pulled me close, putting his lips to my ear.

"You look beautiful darling" he whispered, so only him and I could hear. I blushed, and he chuckled.
"Uh, thanks." I stuttered, as I tried to smile back at him but I was so nervous that I couldn't. I stared at the floor as he wrapped his arm around my waist. What was happening here?

I caught louis' gaze, and he smiled at me. He began to walk over to where harry and I were standing.
"Has someone got himself a girlfriend?" Louis chuckled and winked at me. I blushed, and he laughed. But I saw harry just frowned. "You know I'm with taylor.." I heard harry mumble to louis. "Well I'll leave you two alone then!" Louis smiled, completely ignoring harry. He winked at me again before turning around and walking away.

I looked over at rosie, who was talking to niall. They looked like they were getting along really well together, and I smiled at the thought of them as a couple.

I was snapped out of my daydream by harry, who was apparently talking to me. "Charlotte?" He whispered, and shook me back to reality. "Huh?" I looked up at him and he chuckled again. "I said, are you coming to the after-party with us tonight?" I thought about his question. I really wanted to, but I would feel really unwanted, with all the celebrities that were going.

"I'm not sure," I replied, "rosie arranged all this for my birthday, but I'm not sure. I don't want to go if we're unwanted." I sighed and looked down.
"Of course you're not unwanted!" Harry replied. "And because its your birthday, I've got a special treat for you!" He winked, and befor I could reply he had picked me up and put me over his back, so he was giving me a piggy back.

I screamed and giggled as he ran out the door with me on his back. The other boys and rosie laughed and followed us, wondering what we were doing. He ran round the whole of the backstage, getting strange looks from everyone. I screamed the whole way, and grabbed his curls in my hands. He had been running around with me on his back for about 5 minutes, when we bumped into paul.

"Hey paul," harry grinned, "what's up?" He said casually, and I giggled. Paul glanced at me, then back at harry. I had my arms around harry's neck, and he placed his hands on my butt. Paul just shook his head, he was used to these boys. "You're on in 5 minutes! Get the others."
"Okay paullie!" Harry grinned again, and carried me to where he had to go on stage.

I peered through the curtain, there were thousands of screaming fans. I turned around and harry was standing way to close to me, which made me jump. "Good luck." I whispered, and pushed a curl way from his eye.
"you're on in 30 seconds boys!" I heard a guy shout behind us. Harry ignored the guy and kept his gaze on me.

"Thanks." He replied. What he did next completely shocked me. He leaned in and planted a soft, gentle kiss on my lips. He winked at me and grinned, before turning around and stepping on stage with the other boys. Did that really just happen?

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