Forgive and Forget


I suppose you could say I was 'the popular girl'. I don't like that, because usually the popular girls are stuck up bitches. I'm not like that. Really, I'm not. Its not like in tv programs, where the popular girl rules the school. I try to be nice to everyone, even the less popular kids.

My name's charlotte , people call me Charlie. I just turned 19 a couple of months ago. I would say I quite pretty, and the captain of the football team is my boyfriend. I have long, blonde curly hair, with bright blue eyes. I'm quite slim, and i like the shape of my body.Typical for the popular girl, I know.

I would say I'm quite a strong person. I mean, I used to be bullied when I was younger, because I wasn't very pretty, but I stood up for myself. Now, I can take a lot of what people say or do to me.

But this time I just couldn't take it. I don't think anyone would be able to take it from a celebrity.


19. Chapter 19:

Charlotte's P.O.V:

As I re-entered the room, I stopped. I could see the anger in harry's eyes, which had been happy and content just a few minutes ago. What happened? As I approached him, he glared at me. I reached out to touch his hand, but he slapped it away.

I pulled my hand back, shocked at harry's actions. What did I do wrong? I sat down on the bed next to him, but he just got up and started pacing around the room. He had his fists clenched, and I was scared he was going to hurt me.

"Harry, what's wrong?" I whispered, my voice soft as I tried to calm him down. He kept hitting my hand away every time I tried to touch him, and he looked like he was getting angrier and angrier.

"What's wrong? WHAT'S WRONG?" He screamed st me. I was a bit taken back by his tone, and I was a little bit frightened. Harry could hurt people when he was angry. And I didn't really want to be that person right now, when he had just told me that he would never hurt me.

"Y-yes?" I stuttered. He stepped towards me, and I took a step back each time. I was soon backed up against the wall, so he was towering over me. I nervously swallowed the lump in my throat. I was frozen to the spot, unable to move.

"What's this?" He yelled, shoving my phone at my face. I glanced at the picture on the screen, which was of me and my ex-boyfriend jay. Remember jay? The one who had dumped me, for my friend zoey. Well, I thought she was my friend.

My eyes wandered up to the person who had posted the picture. I gasped, noticing that it was actually zoey who had posted this picture. Why would she do this to me? I wasn't so shocked by the photo, but the fact that she has shared it with the world.

"That's my ex-boyfriend. Jay." I stated, trying to act casual and pretended that it wasn't a big deal. It really wasn't though, I didn't know why he was making such a massive fuss about it. I mean, this picture was taken ages ago...

"Why were you kissing him?" Harry questioned, getting more pissed off. My eyes widened at his question. He thought that I had cheated on him, he thought that this picture was taken when I had been dating him. Which it wasn't, I remember that this day was before I had even met harry.

"Harry! You think that I cheated on you? Harry, I -" I started to explain, but he didn't want to hear it.
"You don't have to make excuses!" He shouted, as tears sprang from my eyes. "I gave you a chance, and you blew it! I don't want you in my life anymore, I don't want to see you, we're through! GET OUT!" He screamed. I saw a tear roll down his cheek, but he hid it.

When I didn't move for a moment, he raised his fist to me, and he was about to hit me. I caught his hand, and held it in my hand for a second. We were both staring at each other, tears running down our cheeks. I was crying more, but it didn't stop me from speaking.

"You said you would never hurt me. EVER." I repeated his words that he had said to me less than an hour ago. He immediately froze, and pulled back his hand. He was about to say something, when I stormed over to the door.

"Have a nice life harry, because I'm done trying to be in it." I hissed, before walking out of the room and slamming the door behind me. He screamed, "YOU DIRTY FUCKIING SLUT!"

I cried even harder at his words. I was strong, and I could take a lot of what people said to me, but this time I just couldn't.

What have I done?


Louis' P.O.V:

After mine and harry's little argument, I went back into my room. I need time to think... I heard harry go into his room too, and he slammed the door behind him. I heard charlotte and harry raising their voices at each other, getting angry. I felt like it was all my fault.

But after a little while, they stopped arguing, and I could only hear soft voices. And you don't want to know what I heard after that, let's just you could hear a lot through walls..

A while later, they stopped doing what they were doing. Their room fell silent for a few minutes. But after a while the arguments started again. C'mon guys, you just had sex and now you're arguing again...

I tried to make out what they were saying, but all I could hear was their voices shouting. They were getting louder, raising their voices and screaming at each other. I heard harry scream "GET OUT!" and I could hear charlotte's quiet sobbing. They fell silent for a moment, no movement to be heard.

Then harry shouted it again. I heard charlotte's next words loud and clear, upset, hurt and broken. "you said you would never hurt me. EVER." Wait... Harry was hurting her. No, I wouldn't let that happen. As I jumped of the bed, I heard her words clearer now.

"Have a nice life harry, because I'm done trying to be in it." She hissed at harry, before walking out of the room and slamming the door behind her. He screamed, "YOU DIRTY FUCKIING SLUT!" Ouch. The words hurt me too. Charlotte was my best friend, apart from the boys. I didn't blame her when she sobbed harder.

When I opened the door to my bedroom, she was just about to leave the bus when I caught hold of her arm. She tried to pull away, but I just whispered, "no." She looked me in the eyes, before breaking down into my arms and sobbing hysterically. I pulled her close to me, protectively. She needed someone right now, and I had to be that someone.

Zayn and liam had now looked up from their video game and were staring at us. I grabbed charlotte's hand and pulled her towards my bedroom. I heard zayn whisper to liam, "should we help?" But liam just replied with a small "no."

When we were in my room and I closed the door, she collapsed onto my bed and continued to cry. I lied down beside her, and pulled her into my chest. We just lied there for a while, until she calmed down a little bit. Her face was red and puffy from the crying. I wiped a single tear from her face.

"He thinks I cheated on him louis.. He thinks I cheated!" She cried, breaking into more tears. I couldn't bear to see her like this. It was like a stab in the heart to see her being hurt. I always wanted to be there for her, and even if harry left her, I never would.

Whenever she fell, I would be there to catch her, pick up the pieces, build her back up. I had to do this now.
"Why does he think that, love?" I whispered in a soft voice, stroking her hair. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, and showed me a picture.

It was of her, kissing a guy. But it wasn't harry. Someone had posted it on twitter, obviously not knowing what privacy means. Although I could see why harry thought she was cheating, he should have at least give her chance to explain herself.

"Its not what it looks like, lou. I never cheated on harry." She whispered sadly. "This photo was taken before I even met you guys, and a few days after this photo, he dumped me." I felt so bad for her, and harry deserved every bit of pain he was feeling right now. He didn't know this girl, he didn't know her story. He didn't give her chance to tell it.

"I wouldn't do that to him louis. You believe me, don't you?" She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes, under her thick, long lashes. She really was beautiful, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen...

"Of course I believe you love." I whispered, as I kissed her forehead. I wish we could stay here, forever...

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