Forgive and Forget


I suppose you could say I was 'the popular girl'. I don't like that, because usually the popular girls are stuck up bitches. I'm not like that. Really, I'm not. Its not like in tv programs, where the popular girl rules the school. I try to be nice to everyone, even the less popular kids.

My name's charlotte , people call me Charlie. I just turned 19 a couple of months ago. I would say I quite pretty, and the captain of the football team is my boyfriend. I have long, blonde curly hair, with bright blue eyes. I'm quite slim, and i like the shape of my body.Typical for the popular girl, I know.

I would say I'm quite a strong person. I mean, I used to be bullied when I was younger, because I wasn't very pretty, but I stood up for myself. Now, I can take a lot of what people say or do to me.

But this time I just couldn't take it. I don't think anyone would be able to take it from a celebrity.


18. Chapter 18:

Charlotte's P.O.V:

I couldn't bear to hear louis and harry fight. They were screaming and shouting at each other, and I didn't want to hear it. They were best friends, but now they were having an argument because of me. Because I was so stupid.

I ran back to mine and harry's room. He probably didn't want me here, and I wasn't planning on staying here for long. I grabbed some clothes from my suitcase and I was about to go and change into them, when the door opened. Harry stormed in, looking very angry. He just stared at me for a moment.

"Get out." He ordered, in a low voice. I could see that he was trying not to loose his temper with me.
" Harry, I -" I started, my voice pleading and helpless. I reached out to touch his cheek, but he slapped my hand away.
"I SAID GET OUT!" He screamed.

"No harry. We will work this out." I said, firmly. I didn't back down, me and harry just stood there, staring at each other. After a minute, he sighed and collapsed onto the bed. I lied down next to him, our faces only inches apart. Harry flinched away from me, shuffling away.

"Harry, I'm sorry, but I can promise you that nothing is going on between louis and I." I assured him.
"Sure! So when he was carrying you, and you had you're arm round him? There was nothing going on, was there? And the way you were looking at him and laughing together? Sure. Nothing going on there."

He laughed, but there was no humour in his voice. His voice was full of sarcasm. There was also a little hint of evil in his voice. But there was something else, and I couldn't quite work out what it was..

A single tear slipped down my cheek as I thought back to that dream I had, just a few days ago. Harry had turned into an evil monster, and I didn't like it. He was evil to me. I just didn't want that to happen in real life. Harry was the most caring, protective person I knew, and I didn't want to loose him.

His expression softened when he saw my tears. His voice was shaky and broken. "Please don't cry..." He whispered. He put his arm around me, and pulled me into him. I cried into his chest, and I heard him start to cry too. I lifted my head to look into his beautiful eyes.

"Why are you crying?" I asked. He just shook his head and smiled sadly.
"Because you're crying. I hate to see you cry, and its even worse because I'm the reason for your tears.." He replied, as he wiped the tears away from my cheeks. I smiled and gave him a little peck on his cheek.

"Harry, do you believe me? There's nothing going on between me and louis, I love YOU." I emphasised the you, and harry smiled lovingly at me and nodded.
"Of course I believe you, I just got a little jealous, I'm sorry." Harry admitted. "And I love you too." He whispered, leaning down to kiss me.

I stopped him before his lips touched mine, though. He looked at me confused, and I hesitated to ask him a question. "Harry?" I whispered. Another tear ran down my cheek, but I wiped it away before he could see.
"Yes love?" He murmured, his face full of concern. I thought for a moment, before speaking up again.

"You would never hurt me would you?" My voice was barely above a whisper, but he His eyes widened, obviously not expecting that question. But he shook his head without hesitation. He pulled me closer, so he could whisper into my ear.

"Of course I would never hurt you babe. You're mine, forever. Don't forget that. I love you so much, its crazy because we haven't know each other for long. But it feels like I've known you forever. I would never, ever, EVER hurt you." His words were so sweet and reassuring. God I loved this boy.

"Thank you harry. You don't know how much that means to me.." I smiled at him. "Sing for me please?" I looked up at him with my best liam-payne-puppy-dog-face. He laughed, as he began to sing a song that I immediately recognised, a song that I loved.

Next 2 You, Chris Brown ft. Justin bieber;

You've got that smile,
That only heaven can make.
I pray to God everyday,
That you keep that smile.

Yeah, you are my dream,
There's not a thing I won't do.
I'd give my life up for you,
'Cause you are my dream.

And baby, everything that I have is yours,
You will never go cold or hungry.
I'll be there when you're insecure,
Let you know that you're always lovely.
Girl, 'cause you are the only thing that I got right now.

One day when the sky is falling,
I'll be standing right next to you,
Right next to you.
Nothing will ever come between us,
'Cause I'll be standing right next to you,
Right next to you.

If you had my child (little lady)
You would make my life complete (little lady)
Just to have your eyes on a little me.
(That'd be mine forever)

And baby, everything that I have is yours
You will never go cold or hungry
I'll be there when you're insecure
Let you know that you're always lovely
Girl, 'cause you are the only thing that I got right now

One day when the sky is falling,
I'll be standing right next to you,
Right next to you.
Nothing will ever come between us,
I'll be standing right next to you,
Right next to you.

We're made for one another
Me and you
And I have no fear
I know we'll make it through

One day when the sky is falling
I'll be standing right next to you
Ohh ohh ohh ohhhhh

One day when the sky is falling,
I'll be standing right next to you,
Right next to you.
Nothing will ever come between us,
I'll be standing right next to you,
Right next to you.

Oh nah nah
Oh yeah
Stand by my side
When the sky falls down
Oh baby
I'll be there
I'll be there

You've got that smile,
That only heaven can make.
I pray to God everyday,
To keep you forever.

After harry had finished the last note, I broke into tears of joy. His voice was amazing.
"Your voice is beautiful, harry." I praised him, and he just smiled. After a moment of silence, I got up. He frowned at me.

"Going to get changed babe." I said, as I walked over to my suitcase. He groaned, but then he spoke in a mischievous voice.
"Or, we could do something else?" He suggested. I turned to him and he wiggled his eyebrows. I just rolled my eyes, and he made puppy dog face.

"Pleeeeeeeeeease!" He begged. I just smiled at him, giving in. I strolled back over to the bed, and I knew he was checking me out. I giggled as I sat on the bed next to him. I leaned closer to him, so I could whisper into his ear, "Go easy on me styles. Its my first time."

So we made love to each other that night. I want lying; that really was my first time. But enough about me...

Harry's P.O.V:

Wow. She was amazing. She got up to go get take a shower, and I was about to follow her when both our phones buzzed. I rolled over and grabbed both the phones. As I looked at charlotte's phone and then mine, I frowned. Strange, we both had a mention on twitter.

I opened up twitter and looked to see who had mentioned me. Probably a fan, I thought. Or a hater. My heart stopped beating when I saw the post.


"@charlottewright... This doesn't look like your boyfriend, @harry_styles..."

Underneath there was a picture, of charlotte kissing a guy. And this person was right; that wasn't me...

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