[[EDITING]] More Than This (Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fiction)

"You Spoiled little brat! You and Your Sister Ruined My Life!" My Horrible Step dad Walter yelled as he chased my little sister Ella Around the room. He was holding a long, wooden cane that he beat me with before. Would he take it out on little Ellie? He'd Never Really Hit Her before, mostly just yelling at her. She was crying and running around the room to avoid him. I Had Tears In My Eyes just watching


6. Zayn, I can only hope you're right..

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Louis' P.O.V


"What happened?" I asked immediately after she left. We were all just standing there, In shock of the scene that unfolded in front of us. Megan sounded so angry. it sounded like a tone my mum would use if i wasnt behaving or I played mean, but funny prank on the twins.


"I dont know, i mentioned something about her stepdad-" Liam bega and Ella had cut him off. She buried her face in my striped shirt.


"Our stepdad's Mean." She choked out.

"What do you mean, love?"


"I-I can't s-say." She started crying and I picked her up and handed her to Niall.


"I'm gonna go find her. Try to get her to talk." I said.


"You sound like a cop, Lou!" Zayn said and i Would've laughed but we had more important things to take care of. Where did Megan go? In that direction?  I needed to find her quick.


"Yes, because Megan needs help. I am no longer SUPERMAAAAAAAAAAN! I am officer Tomlinson!" I yelled and the boys gave small smile. Liam looked the most worried. "Liam, its time to listen to the Tommo." i was older than him after all. I held him by his shoulders. "It's gonna be okay. We'll find her. Promise." And with that being said, I took off running, running along the path that i saw Megan running down. Well, She did run in One direction. i'll give her that. Maybe it wouldn't be so hard to find her. As tired as i was, having been playing tag with Ella and the boys, I pushed myself. I had to find her. I had to find her for Liam and I, because there was so much more i wanted to know about her.


That pretty smile of hers was obviously hiding something. it had something to do with her stepdad, thats why Ella had started crying. Calling her stepdad to help find her, probably wouldnt be a good idea. i didnt have her number so i just silently prayed that we'd find her quickly. She was 18 though, She could've easily jumped into her car and driven to the next city. Im sure she had a car.


"MEGAN! I started to yell at the top of my lungs. I was starting to pant now. How Long have i been running? Damn, this was a big park. "MEGAN WHATEVER YOUR MIDDLE NAME IS PAYNE GET OVER HERE!"  I sighed, not getting any response from her anywhere. I stopped to take a break, sitting on a bench next to an older man who was feeding some birds. I caught my breath and noticed he was feeding pigeons. I lit up "KEVIN! have you seen Megan?!"


The birds were so startled  by me yelling at them, they started to fly away."I THOUGHT WE WEE FRIENDS!" I yelled after them and the man just looked at me like i was crazy. Well, I'll admit, i was very crazy. When the boys first met me they thought i was quiet. That's funny.


I continued running and saw Megan. What was she doing? She was standing near the sidewalk, staring at the cars passing by. no. She wasnt going to...No. She wouldnt jump into traffic like that.


"MEGAN!" I yelled as she walked in the middle of the busy traffic. She turned to look at me, A look of pure sadness on her face. I quickly jumped in front of her, not even thinking straight. I just jumped into traffic, for a girl i just met. I pushed her out of the way and felt the impact coming right at me. I wish i really was like Superman and able to push the car back (Its okay Louis, Your Superman to me <3), all it did was push me down. I heard  honking, I heard screaming, I felt so much pain, I heard crying. 


Megan's Crying.


That was enough to bring me down. I felt darkness wash over me and my body was slipping.


Megans P.O.V


"LOUIS!!!!!" I screamed as he pushed me back to safety. I didnt dare look to see what happened next. I shut my eyes, hearing honking, screaming, and yelling. When i opened them I saw lifeless Louis. His smile was gone. No jokes were coming out of his mouth. For once he was quiet, he wasnt yelling.


I didnt like him this way. 


"LOUIS!" I ran into the street and laid next to him, burying my face in his striped shirt. I cried. No one had ever done that for me. he didnt deserve this. i shouldnt have tried to kill myself. I was just being stupid. "I-I'm So sorry Lou. I was so stupid." I wiped away my tears and yelled, "CAN SOMEONE CALL A DAMN AMBULANCE PLEASE?! Please?" I would've called Liam but i didnt have his number. Stupid Megan. He's Your brother and you dont even have his number. I felt in Louis' Pocket and saw his iPhone. I swiped the arrow and saw that he had a password. I groaned. It wasnt the simple 4 digit code, it was a word. That made it even harder! There were thousands of words he could've picked. I sighed and typed in the first word i could think of.




The iPhone unlocked, Really Louis? I laughed softly. the boy loved carrots. Too bad he'd never get to eat another one.


Suck it up, be strong for him. I thought and found Liam's number. I bit my lip and held Louis' Hand the whole time. I realized he had a huge cut on his head. I knew how to take care of these things. Since i'd been abused so much and i had to take care of my wounds. I started to tear fabric off my shirt and some on my jeans. He was losing a lot of blood. I pressed down on the cut, trying to make the bleeding stop. Other cars stopped to help and i thanked them.


"Lou? Where are you? Is she okay?!" I heard Liam's frantic voice. 


"Liam, Its Megan, Im fine.. Lou's Not." I said trying not to cry.


"Wha-What do you mean??!"


I bit my lip. I couldnt tell him i tried to commit suicide. I looked back at Louis. If he made it out alive, He couldnt tell anyone about this. Oh, who am i Kidding? Louis was going to make it, He had to. I-I Need him too. I wanted to get to know this hyper boy a little better, i just met him and he already gave his life for me. Before I knew it, Liam was shouting my name. I sat in the street motionless. I was crying my eyes out.


"Louis...Please..." I Whispered to him as the boys and Ellie gathered around. I didnt realize how long i had been sitting here. Zayn and Harry started helping me up and away from Louis as the ambulance came by. Eveything else was a blur. 


"No! No! Dont let her see me like this!" I said, pushing Niall away as nicely as i could. he seemed to understand and rocked Ellie back and forth, Walking away from the scene.


I was crying on Zayn's shoulder now. All the boys were upset. This was all my fault, I didnt mean for any of this to happen. I must've been talking out loud because started shushing me and telling me he'd be all right.


Zayn I can only hope your right.


"I am right, Love."


I mentally face palmed myself. I really need to stop talking out loud like this!!!




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