[[EDITING]] More Than This (Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fiction)

"You Spoiled little brat! You and Your Sister Ruined My Life!" My Horrible Step dad Walter yelled as he chased my little sister Ella Around the room. He was holding a long, wooden cane that he beat me with before. Would he take it out on little Ellie? He'd Never Really Hit Her before, mostly just yelling at her. She was crying and running around the room to avoid him. I Had Tears In My Eyes just watching


5. Long Lost Sibling Reunited!


"Ellie!" I chased after her as she took off running, seeing the swings at the park in sight. She loved the swings. We never really got to go to the park, since he always kept us on a tight leash. My leg was still hurting a bit so it was hard to catch up with her, but eventually i did and saw her by the swings.



"SWINGS!" I heard someone yell. It definitely wasn't Ellie. It didnt sound like a kid, but whoever it was sure acted like one. I turned around quickly only to see the boy wearing stripes back at the signing. Louis Tomlinson. 


"LOU!" A chorus of boys shouted after him, ad he ran past me, almost knocking me over. I Laughed softly at his craziness. He was just a big ball of fun. I liked that about him. I Turned to see Liam and three other boys. One had a mass of curly hair and a light smirk on his face, another had dark hair and gave me a full smile, and the last on had fluffy blond hair and a cheeky grin.


"Thats Louis. Im Harry Styles." The boy with the curly hair offered a hand and i shook it.


"Im Niall Horan." He said in his cute Irish Accent. I shook his hand and then looked at Zayn. He seemed like the strong silent type so i wasnt expecting him to be as loud as Louis.



"Im Zayn Malik. Vas Happenin'?" He said casually and I cracked a smile as the boys laughed. I knew it was his catchphrase.


"Im Megan. I dont know if Liam told you yet, but hes my older brother." I said quietly as Liam nodded as the boys' Eyes widened.


"Little Payne!" Harry immediately gave me a nickname and hugged me, curls brushing across  my face. I laughed softly and Liam took over, explaining what had happened earlier back at the signing. "So that's Ella? Littler Payne?" Zayn said a bit unsure.


Liam and i  both nodded laughing. "Long lost siblings have been reunited!" Liam gave  me a kiss on the forehead. "I Think we have some catching up to do."


"LEEYUM!" Louis yelled again. I couldnt help but laugh at him, seeing that he was trying to  get into those swings for babies. He was looking at Ellie who was comfortably sitting in hers, no problem getting inside. "IT'S NOT FAIR!"


"You're twenty years old, Lou. These swings arent for you." Liam said, a bit annoyed. The other boys and i were cracking up.


"Oh but there for her? Thats  just messed up!" Ellie was even laughing.


"Thats r-racist!" Niall choked before doubling over in laughter.


"Just get out of the swing!"


I Watched him quickly try and pull his legs out of the small holes. It was quite amusing to watch actually. It took him about ten minutes and a lot of weird looks from strangers until he was finally out. Ellie had chased after him obviously Liking Lou. I watched as Louis Knelt down and talked to Ellie, making her laugh and smile and eventually giving her a piggy back ride to the slides with the boys. Guys playing with little kids was the most attractive thing ever in my opinion


"Lou has four younger sisters. He's good with kids." Liam must've noticed where i was looking as he explained.

We sat on some swings next to each other as the boys started playing a game of tag, running around the playground and screaming. When these boys got tagged, they screamed like they just got shot. This was not the Hunger Games, boys! It was hilarious.


"Tell Me about yourself Megan." Liam Said and suddenly my shoes looked alot more interesting.


"Whaddya wanna know?"


"Just anything start with the basics."


I took a deep breath. The basics. All right. I Could do this. "My full name is Megan Diana Payne. I'm 18 years old. I just turned 18 actually and i love to dance and paint. I dont get to do either of them that much anymore, but its a passion of mine. Mum loved to dance. She stopped after Dad died. When she remarried, there was never time for that anymore. You know Ella. I Call her Ellie sometimes, but yeah, I love her to death. She's six years old and loves blue." I Laughed softly. "On her fifth birthday, she found a cupcake book and begged me to make these blueberry cupcakes for her. Blue frosting, blue batter, blue everything!"


Liam Smiled. "How did they turn out?"


"Lets just say i shouldnt be a baker when i grow up." Liam bursted out with laughter with this being  said.


"You are so my sister. Im a horrible cook. Louis sometimes cooks around the flat. He's a pretty good cook."


"You boys live alone?" I Asked


"Yeah, in a pretty remote location since the paparazzis . Would you like to stay with us?" I was screaming Yes on the inside but i didnt want to seem so eager. He might suspect something. I didnt want him to know about Walter. If he asked, maybe i'd tell him. Maybe. I hate when people pity me. It was the worst feeling in my opinion


"Oh, but Ellie-"


"Mrs. Tomlinson is there with us. Im sure she'd love to take care of her."


"Are you sure, Liam?" I bit my lip and looked over at him. I was nervous honestly.

"Of course, Sis" He got up and hugged me once more. I didnt resist and he kissed my forehead. (Honestly Im Jelly Over These Girls in the 1D Fan Fictions -__-)  He actually called me sis. "Do you have to check with Mum or something? Didnt you say you had a stepd---"


"He wouldnt care if i was gone." I lied. I knew he would. He wouldnt stop until he found me really and if we got caught, we'd be dead. "Mum wouldnt either." Walter practically brainwashed her. She'd seen him beat me once, but didnt do a single thing.


"What do you mean?"


"Just drop the subject, Liam Please." I started to walk towards the boys to get Ellie. Their game was still going on. I think I was ready to leave.


"Dont you wanna-"


"No! I dont want to talk about it! Just. Drop. It. Please." I practically begged, holding back tears that were waiting to fall. I didnt realize how angry i sounded. there was a bit of edge in my voice. Even Ellie looked scared.


"Maybe I Should'nt have come..." I whispered and started to walk away. "I-I'm sorry....." I refused to look at any of them.  I  just felt so sick, and so tied sleep couldnt fix. I didnt want to go back to  him. I didnt. I took a deep breath, before running. I ran as fast as i could. I didnt know where i was going, but i just needed some air.


The boys and Ellie were chasing and screaming after me, but i only ran faster.


Dont you fret my dear,


It'll all be over soon,


I'll be waiting here,


For you......

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