[[EDITING]] More Than This (Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fiction)

"You Spoiled little brat! You and Your Sister Ruined My Life!" My Horrible Step dad Walter yelled as he chased my little sister Ella Around the room. He was holding a long, wooden cane that he beat me with before. Would he take it out on little Ellie? He'd Never Really Hit Her before, mostly just yelling at her. She was crying and running around the room to avoid him. I Had Tears In My Eyes just watching


4. It'll All be over soon.

A silence fell between us and his brown eyes were staring into mine. I couldnt read them. Was he shocked, scared, confused? I cried harder. He didnt believe me. I never would've expected what happened next,


He hugged me. Liam hugged me. His strong, warm arms wrapped around me and he held me tight (Oooh the feels!) . I Hadnt been hugged in so long, and i didnt resist. I cried onto his shoulder as Ella looked up confused. Some fans stopped to see what was happening and even the boys looked confused, but didnt interfere.


"Y-You believe me?" I managed to choke out, hiccuping a bit as he stroked my hair. I always hiccuped after i cried. Just a little fact of me.


He pulled back and looked at me, giving a small smile. "You llok like you could be my sisters." He leaned down to Ella and playfully ruffled her hair. "Same curly brown hair. Big brown eyes." Ella giggled at his funny expression and i couldnt help but smile too. He looked up and turned back to me, "And i think Dad mentioned you before he passed."


I lit up a little. "Geoff? He did? Really?"


Liam Chuckled a bit and nodded. He was about to say something until the security had sent another girl to talk to him. I Wiped my tears up quickly, not wanting anyone else really to see me cry.I Knew i was a ess when i cried. Mascara running, hiccuping like crazy. I did not look my best when i was crying.



"Would you mind waiting until were all finished? There's just a lot we have to catch up on."


I Scooped Ella up in my arms and nodded. "Definitely. Where should i meet you?"


Theres a park across the street. How about there afterwards? I'll introduce you to the lads."


I Nodded, gave him one last hug, let Ellie give him a hug, and we walked away from the big crowd, a happy feeling coming over me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Liam believed me. He really did! Geoff, my real dad, mentioned me. He talked about me. Even if it was just once, it was nice to know that he still talked about me. I looked at Ellie and gave her a kiss on the cheek, making her squeal and try to  squirm out of my grasp. I laughed at her actions and she giggled sweetly. I hadnt heard her laugh like that in so long..


We were free now. We'd Be okay.




" Can i get an autograph?!" A girl in front of me squealed 


"Yeah, Whats your name love?" I said taking the picture she handed of me and the lads. I was really trying to focus, but a girl and her little sister had just walked past and towards Liam. She was gorgeous and she was wearing stripes. She made those look good. " There you go!" I signed it and handed it to her. She thanked me several times, a big smile on her face. Our fans were the best, they support us through everything. Even after my breakup with Eleanor. 


The fans always thought we'd be perfect. I mean, i thought so too, but i guess being famous has its downfall. I never had time to be with Eleanor, always having to postpone our dates. Finally, she just couldnt take it anymore. We broke up. Elounor was officially over. I wasnt too sad about it. It was for the best, and i'll admit i was a bit unhappy with our relationship. 

She just kinda got so demanding that i couldnt focus on what i wanted. I couldnt really focus on music/

The lads had really helped me through it, buying me a ton of carrots and helping me get my mind off it. It'd been around a month since we split and i think i was ready for love again.


"Lou," Harry whispered to me. "Whats going on with Liam and that girl?" 


I Looked over into the direction he was pointing in and saw the girl crying on his shoulder. He was stroking her hair soothingly and her little sister  was confused at the scene. Im with you sister! What happened?  When they finally pulled back, the girls face had dried tears on her cheeks. Her sparkling brown eyes had lost their shine. She was hiccuping frequently, but all the while she still looked beautiful. 


"Lou! Louis? LOUIS!" I heard Harry say and I snapped out of my trance.


"CARROTS!" I yelled in his face and the fans started laughing. Harry rolled his eyes, chuckling.


"And another random outburst from Louis Tomlinson." Zayn said, sarcastically after signing a poster.


"Shut up Malik." I Sighed and shook my head. "Im Surrounded by idiots i swear." I mumbled to a security guard nearby. He laughing as i smirked a bit.


"Don't be such a diva." Nialler said , laughing at me. 

I flipped my hair, Making all the girls scream. "Cant help it, Nialler. Im just more fabulouis then you guys."


"Here we go..." The boys said,, laughing. I wasnt really paying much attention to the boys after that. i was starting at the same girl that Liam was talking to. She was smiling as she was walking away, Like the weight of the world was just lifted off her shoulders. I could tell she was running from something. All the while, i occasionally saw her looking around, like someone was chasing her.


I Was going to find out what she was running from exactly.





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