[[EDITING]] More Than This (Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fiction)

"You Spoiled little brat! You and Your Sister Ruined My Life!" My Horrible Step dad Walter yelled as he chased my little sister Ella Around the room. He was holding a long, wooden cane that he beat me with before. Would he take it out on little Ellie? He'd Never Really Hit Her before, mostly just yelling at her. She was crying and running around the room to avoid him. I Had Tears In My Eyes just watching


3. I Think You're My Older Brother


"Meg, do you know what he looks like?" Ellie asked as me left my good friend Evie's house. We only stayed for a night. My father would never check here. We only stayed there for a night, the signing was today. I'd really miss Evie's. Her family was so nice and gladly took Ellie and I in, so i didnt have to explain why, thank goodness. She didnt know Liam was my long lost brother. Some asked since my last name was Payne, but i always said no. He would kill me if i told.


"He's very handsome." I told Ella as i called a cab


"Like Prince Charming?"


I laughed softly. "Like Prince Charming." Now were on our way, i thought as the driver took the directions i gave him, and started driving. We made small conversation, but most of the time I was thinking. This was really happening. I was meeting my brother today! Oh my gosh, were we dressed properly? I looked down at my long sleeved black and white striped shirt with skinny jeans and boots. A heart pendant was around my neck, adding a cute touch to the look. My hair was pulled back into a side ponytail. I looked over at Ellie who was wearing her favorite sun dress. I made her put a white sweater over the blue dress since it was cold outside.


I Was so anxious on the ride there. What would he say? Would he believe me? I brought a few pictures we had together that i found in my mum's drawer. She was clearly hiding them. I remembered to bring our birth certificates too . Little Ellie probably didnt even know what was going. She was playing with her teddy bear most of the way there. She didnt realize all the things that might go wrong. He might not believe me, we'd have to go back home, Walter would be angrier than ever. She was a little kid, not a single care in the world. Nothing probably too serious was on her mind.


Lucky girl....I thought as the cab pulled up to the area where the boys would be signing autographs and merchandise.


Two people were in front of me. Only two more! (I Would've died if i was really that close to meeting the boys.)


Ellie was getting anxious and i could tell she didnt like how noisy it was. I must agree with her on that one, the high pitched screaming from the girls around me was piercing in my ears. I squeezed her hand and she gave me a big, sweet smile. Shes such a cutie.


One Person.


The boys were in sight. There was Liam. Right there!!!!! He was taking a picture with a fan, a bright smile on his face. I kept my eyes on him until i heard the cutest laugh ever. It came from the boy wearing suspenders. Man, he made striped look good. Louis Thomas? No. Louis Tomlinson. Gosh, He was cute!


Focus Megan!


I Snapped out of it when a security guard let us go to meet the boys. Ellie ran ahead of me, running straight to Liam. my eyes lingered on Louis, who waved to me as i went past. A lump formed in throat as i stood in front of Liam. He looked just like Dad. Not my stepdad, but my real dad. When he auditioned for X Factor, I was left alone with my mom and Ella. My dad Had died. Then she remarried and thats when Walter came in and ruined my life. He Would've been so proud of Liam



"Liam! Ella said, smiling at the boy.


"Who's this little cutie?" He gently tickled her on her tummy. Oh Gosh, he was playing with his little sister. I started to cry. My emotions got the best of me. I couldn't hold it in anymore. Liam looked up and saw crying. "What's wrong, love?"



I Wiped my tears away and took a deep breath. Let's do this, Okay. "Liam, my name's Megan and this is my sister Ella. I Think You're my old brother."


A Silence fell between us and his brown eyes were staring into mine. I couldn't read them. Was he shocked, scared, confused? I cried harder. He didnt believe me. I ever would've expected what happend next

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