Far From Ready

Rosemary Corona is a 17 year old fun carefree girl living in East L.A. with her wonderful family.Rosemary's younger sister has a birthday party and their dad pays for none other than One Direction to preform for her.She meets Liam Payne and he is completely smitten with her.Will she let him into her heart?Will her over protective brother and father finally let her be happy?But what happens when Liam's ex Danielle comes into the picture and ruins everything?Will she ever be happy or is she far from ready to be in love?Lies will be told,hearts will be broken and Rosemary's perfect world turns upside down when she learns her father's deepest darkest secret.Will things ever be the same?


4. Sister day with a surprise

Rosemary's P.O.V.

I woke up this morning dreading the cleaning i had to do.Although we lived in a mansion and had maids my parents still liked to make us do chores and help clean.It's their way of helping us 'stay grounded' and 'appreciate' what we have.Surprisingly it works.I dragged my feet downstairs only to see the backyard completly clean."Good Morning Mija"my mom said from the living room."Hey mami who cleaned the backyard?"i asked walking to her."The cleaning guys your dad and i figured you guys would be too tired to clean so we decided to let you guys sleep"she said her spanish accent coming out."Wait what time is it?"i asked."It's 1:34"she said looking at her phone."Oh and Mija will you take the girls shopping?Estrella has birthday money and wants to go so i figured you girls can go and have a sister day"she continued."Sure but can we take the car?"i asked hopefully."I don't see why not''Mom responded shrugging."Thanks Mami!"i said hugging her.I ran upstairs to the twins room."Shopping today be ready in half in hour!"I yelled and as soon as they heard shopping they got right up.I went to Estrella's room and she was already up and dressed and doing her hair."Hey we're going shopping so get your birthday money"i said and left.I walked into my room and took a shower and when i hoped out i picked out a my black t-shirt with the 'California' logo on it and denim shorts but not to short.I got changed then brushed and blow dyed my hair.I left it wavy and grabbed a hair tie just in case it got even more hot later.I put on my red vans and grabbed my phone from my charger.I put on my necklace with 'Corona' in gold cursive lettering and my hooped earrings and put them on.I put on some foundation,mascara and chap stick.I looked into the mirror liking my outfit cut but casual.I walked downstairs and only AnaMarie was there."Where are Catalina and Estrella?"i asked."Estrella in the kitchen,Catalina finishing her hair"she responded i nodded then went to go grab the keys from the car."Come on girls we're taking the car"i yelled walking to the garage."Can we have the roof down?"I heard AnaMarie yell."It's not a car ride without the roof down"I yelled back.The girls cheered in excitement and they all came in.We hopped into the red mustang and i pushed the button so the roof would go down.I plugged in my phone so i could play music.I pushed pandora and played any random station then gave the phone to AnaMarie in the seat next to me.'Call me maybe' came on and i told her to change it the next song was 'Love me' by lil wayne and we all started singing it.We weren't actually singing more like yelling and we didn't know half of the words so we sounded like idiots but it was fun."I could give a fuck bout no haters long as my bitches love me!"I yelled and the car next to us looked at us like we are stupid.We burst out laughing and i made AnaMarie change it.We arrived at the mall and the girls wanted to go to forever 21.We went and i didn't really like the clothes they had it was too preppy for my taste.We walked around and the only thing i got was a lip piercing since i lost mine four months ago.I went to the bathroom and when i got out to meet the girls at starbucks i bumped into someone."Sorry"i said looking up to the stranger wearing sunglasses and a beanie."Rosemary?"


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