Far From Ready

Rosemary Corona is a 17 year old fun carefree girl living in East L.A. with her wonderful family.Rosemary's younger sister has a birthday party and their dad pays for none other than One Direction to preform for her.She meets Liam Payne and he is completely smitten with her.Will she let him into her heart?Will her over protective brother and father finally let her be happy?But what happens when Liam's ex Danielle comes into the picture and ruins everything?Will she ever be happy or is she far from ready to be in love?Lies will be told,hearts will be broken and Rosemary's perfect world turns upside down when she learns her father's deepest darkest secret.Will things ever be the same?


2. Cali girl born and raised

Rosemary's P.O.V

Corona.As soon as people here my last name they are wanting to kiss up to me.I should introduce myself I'm Rosemary Corona daughter of Andres Corona,his well my great great great great grandfather invented the beer 'Corona' .I'm 17 ,in my last year of high school at East L.A. High home of the warriors.I have dark black hair and grey colored eyes with little blue flecks.I'm mostly known for my eyes ,why, well because they are very rare and uncommon.I'm about 5'2 and a half I know short right?Well I have in older brother ,Adrian, who is a year and three months older than me and is way over protective of me and my three younger sisters Catalina ,14, AnaMarie ,14, and Estrella,12, and I have both of my parents who love and spoil the crap out of us especially Estrella she is 'Daddy's Little Girl'.
It's not fun being the daughter of a super rich dude I mean don't get me wrong I love my dad but sometimes it's hard.My parents tried to put me in private school but I didn't feel right in that school filled with preppy perky people.I'd rather go to East L.A. High with my two best friends Gloria and Yasmin.I grew up here in California and I'm proud to say I'm a Cali girl born and raised.I've only ever really had two real boyfriends in my life.Why you ask?Well it's hard having a boyfriend while your dad and brother are constantly on your back about it.Well that's me Rosemary Corona and trust me your gonna get tired of that last name.

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