when a 13 year old girl named Ashley finds her self with out parents after she wakes up in a hospital and finds out she was in car accidence and her both her parents were killed. She gets sent to an orphanage were she meets Lauren a girl who has been there for a year because her parents where killed in a fire. The girl who takes care of everyone is mean and locks Ashley and Lauren in the closet. At night Lauren and Ashley sneak out and run away at night and go to live in Toronto were on their way home from work they run into one direction.


2. soaking in



Woah there, back up the bus did he just say my parents are dead? “Are you sure you don’t have the wrong Ashley?" I ask. “Yes I am sure. There is a girl named Hailie here she is a child social worker” He say's “so what does she want with me? Does she want to socialize?.” I know what I social worker is. It's someone who would try to find a family for you to stay with or if you had none they would put you in a foster home. That was what I was scared of I had no more family no aunts or uncle or grand parents. She walks in wearing black dress “Hi Ashley, I’m Hailie how are you doing today.” “Lets see here I’m in a hospital just found out my parent are dead Oh! I almost forgot I have a cast on my arm and leg so far best day oh my life.” “Oh well that’s good to hear.” I can tell right away she’s not very smart. “Okay Ashley lets get down to business.” She says in a serous voice the one that I usually use in a speech for class. “What business?” I reply but I already know what it is about. “I have been trying my best to find your family relatives but I have not found any yet do you know if there is someone in fam” I stop her there “there is no one in y family everyone is dead.” She looks at me and say oh on to plan number two then.” Really this is what she says on to plan two what the hell thanks for your support. ‘’What’s plan two” I ask with I angry voice I was still really mad on how she just changed so fast to plan two. “Plan two is a forester home it’s about a 30 minute flight from here.”F….F… Forester home” I said stuttering. It’s four in the morning I just can’t seem to sleep. The night doctor comes in and asks why I’m still awake. I tell him I can’t sleep. “Why” he asks in a very curious mood. “there is just to much on my mind I’m in a lot of pain and I don’t want to leave all my friends I want to stay here in this city not some were else” I said very quickly but  guess he heard me. He asks me if I eat I said no the food here was really bad. “Okay hope you have I good night “as he waved good bye. Really I just told him I was hungry and he walks away what kind of doctor is that. I forgot to ask him when I will be getting out of here. It’s been an hour now I’m just going for I little wheel chair ride. It takes me about 15 minutes to get in it but them I’m off wheeling the hall fill the wind in my hair well I’m not going very fast I don’t know how to work is thing I kip hitting the walls. I smell some thing really good behind me it doesn’t smell at all like the hospital food. I feel a push behind me and Tim’s bagel and iced lemonade land on my lap I look back to see that doctor I was talking to an hour ago. He takes me back to my room and we eat and talk I actually liked him. He gave me something for the pain and something so I could sleep.

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