when a 13 year old girl named Ashley finds her self with out parents after she wakes up in a hospital and finds out she was in car accidence and her both her parents were killed. She gets sent to an orphanage were she meets Lauren a girl who has been there for a year because her parents where killed in a fire. The girl who takes care of everyone is mean and locks Ashley and Lauren in the closet. At night Lauren and Ashley sneak out and run away at night and go to live in Toronto were on their way home from work they run into one direction.


4. plane ride

Hailie’s P.O.V

“Wake up Ashley its time go to.” “I’m up I’m up.” “I put out a dress I found it in your closet and you need to wear something nice.” Camo and sweat pants were the one things in her closet she had no high heels she only had converse she had every color even camo but not one par on fancies shoes. She got up and went to the suit cases “what suit case has my shoes in it” she asks “ the blue one why” I ask she opens it up and pulls out her camo coverse “one only way you are going to make me wear that dress is with this.” “fine” I said unwillingly.                                                                                                                                                                     

Ashley’s P.O.V

I’m going to die I haft to wear a dress. I finally get it on and I look in the mirror.

have one shoe on a gray air cast a cast on my arm. I look like a just rolled out of the ditch. I have say I do like this dress it’s my grade 8 grad dress or at lest was now its something that will end up in the closet. Im a little scared I have never gone on a plane and I don’t ant to leave my friends. When I walk out of the room Hailie stands up and says “Can you please wear the shoes I still say no. we both started walking out and when the two big doors of the hospital open up cameras were on me and reports asking question and you friends waiting at the end of the crowed waiting to give me one last hug. Run to them they all say I look very nice and to text them every second. I’m going to miss them what will I do without them. There is a cab waiting for us after I give all my friends a hug. “Why are you not crying” Hailie asks “what do you mean” why on earth is she asking that I’m not crying. “I have worked many cases before and all the girls even the boys cry when they leav” I cut her off “I don’t cry” I shouted out. Before I knew it we were at the air port. I got out slowly and there were more cameras why don’t they leave me alone really my parents are dead the last thing I want to do is talk to reporters. It’s not long before we are on the plane. Hailie sat next to me I plugged in my ear phones and started to listen to music and hope this flight would last forever I didn’t want to go to a foster home even nice in side I wanted to stay. To late now I thought I turned my music up louder so I would not hear my thoughts. The fight attaint came with drinks and lunch I was so hungry well we were eating lunch Hailie kept asking me about my friends. I got really mad “why do you care you just took them away from me I will never be able to see them ever again so could you please stop pretending like you know me cause you don’t just stop I put my head phones back in I wanted to jump off the plane it was so awoke the fight arête kept pasting by every 5 minute I kept thinking that’s what I should do to make money so I can see my friend without paying for the flight and make money for doing it to it’s a win deal the only thing is how would you apply for a job like this so many question are going through my mind I hear the pilot say were here everyone claps but me this for some people might be a vacation but for me I can already feel its hell coming closer.

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