when a 13 year old girl named Ashley finds her self with out parents after she wakes up in a hospital and finds out she was in car accidence and her both her parents were killed. She gets sent to an orphanage were she meets Lauren a girl who has been there for a year because her parents where killed in a fire. The girl who takes care of everyone is mean and locks Ashley and Lauren in the closet. At night Lauren and Ashley sneak out and run away at night and go to live in Toronto were on their way home from work they run into one direction.


6. my new best friend

I get out of the car she pulls me in the house it looks really nice and then she brings me down stairs I see I hole bunch on girls my age and them I see I locked door she opens it throws me in there. “ close your eye” I hear I girl say she rips off the tape “thanks who are you” I ask “ and where am I” “you are in the cage as we call it and I’m Lauren this is you room because I’m in here and when I get out I try to run and all ways get caught.” “I’m Ashley and why dose she do this” “don’t know why are you in here I’m in here for being rude” “same and I told her I was a skater” I tried to untie the tie ropes but Lauren helped me. “She must really hate you because I was the only one who got tied around here” “I like you how long have you been here for?” “I don’t know I lost count.” She walked in and took us I whispered to Lauren “where are we going?” “she is going to make us put on are work clothes and we have to be hair made” “I’m not going to do that what is this slavery” “that’s how I feel but if you want to eat you better do it” “dose any of the other girls have to do it?” “Nope just us that’s what happened when she hates us.”

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