when a 13 year old girl named Ashley finds her self with out parents after she wakes up in a hospital and finds out she was in car accidence and her both her parents were killed. She gets sent to an orphanage were she meets Lauren a girl who has been there for a year because her parents where killed in a fire. The girl who takes care of everyone is mean and locks Ashley and Lauren in the closet. At night Lauren and Ashley sneak out and run away at night and go to live in Toronto were on their way home from work they run into one direction.


5. meeting her

I get up and I’m shaking I put my hands together so one will notices it. We walk off the plane and reporters are there this time I stop and talk to them “how dose it feel to never be able to see your friends again.” One reporter asks “I don’t know what that feels like cause I will see them again I’m not going to stay in this foster home forever” I answer back. I know I’m probly not going to see them but maybe they are watching and crying at home so I thought it would be nice to give them I little bit of hope. I said hi to all of them and named them one by one first name and last name and at the end I said love you all and see you soon. Hailie starts telling them that good thank you bye she’s pulling me by the arm to where you get your suit cases I cant find my suit cases I see Hailie with all of them talking with this woman she giving me the signal to come over oh shit! Its accshley happening what do I say I walk up to her “hi you must be Ashley” she says in a very kind voice “ya I am and you are?” I ask really not know who she was or how she knows my name. “I’m your foster mother” she says. Smart Ashley how did I not see that. I need to improvise “I know that I mean what is your name duhh” I snap back. “Well I’m sorry my name is Lina” she says in a very snob mood.

Lina’s P.O.V

How rude I other snob brat just wait till I take her back she can be with Lauren my other mistake. I need to calm my self down and put on a good show for Hailie. “I love your dress you must have very fine taste but your shoes why are you wearing those shoes with that dress?” “Cause I don’t wear fancy cloths I’m a skater not a dresser upper” she says. I have a lot to teach this kid. “Well shall we get back now I think its time you meet some room mates.


Ashley’s P.OV

“Ok then bye Ashley” Hailie says waving good bye we walk down the airport and get into the car “hold your wrists up” she yells at me “what why” I ask “don’t talk back just do it” I put them up “ now put them behind your back” “what are you going to do” she ties them tied behind my back I try to wiggle out of them but it wont budge now she’s tying my ankle to me caste what is she doing she duck tapes my mouth so I cant talk I try for 30 minutes trying to get out of this when the car makes a stop. “ get out” she says as she’s pulling me out of the car by the hair.

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