when a 13 year old girl named Ashley finds her self with out parents after she wakes up in a hospital and finds out she was in car accidence and her both her parents were killed. She gets sent to an orphanage were she meets Lauren a girl who has been there for a year because her parents where killed in a fire. The girl who takes care of everyone is mean and locks Ashley and Lauren in the closet. At night Lauren and Ashley sneak out and run away at night and go to live in Toronto were on their way home from work they run into one direction.


3. Last day

The next morning when I woke up my main doctor was there I asked him when I was going to be out of the hospital he says tomorrow morning. I don’t know if I should be happy or scared. Happy because I get out of this place or scared because I don’t want to leave my friends or to go in a foster home with other kids that I don’t know. Hailie walks in with information about the foster homes. I only had one question on my mind “how many kids are going to be there.” “Only 13 year old girls and there are 17 of them.” She told me more information but I was to busy day dreaming. After she left the day went bye pretty fast. All I did was sleep. When I woke up I was full of energy and it was 10pm I took my foot out of the air cast. I made sure no doctor were around when I started to jump and practice my cheerleading moves the pain almost made me past out but I kept practicing. I found my Iphone on the hospital desk and put on are routine music when I was don’t I heard clapping behind me it was the same doctor from last night. “You are really good” “thanks I said back” I said back my face is red right now and the pain is now hitting me hard. “I know you were really good but maybe you should listen to what the doctor says and stay off your foot don’t make me tie you to your bed.” I don’t think he was joking he gave me a bagel form Tim Horton’s again. “It my last night” “lets make it count” he helped me back in my cast and in the wheel chair. He gave me a big tour of the hospital I never knew how big it was. “One last stop” we went into the elevator and when the door opened there were signs ever where saying we will miss you. All my friend came to give me a big hug and on the back a table full of gifts. I got a docking station phone cases and over 6,000 $ in money in total. Everyone left and I thanked the night doctor. We went back to my room “I will give the money to Hailie.” “No I want to have this with me so I can still do sports in my foster home.” He let me have it and I said good bye and fell a sleep. I woke up with the sound of Hailie’s voice “wake up Ashley time to leave”

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