Austin Birthday Imagine

Alright so I wrote this Austin Mahone imagine because it's his birthday and I love him. Happy 17th AustyBear :) <3


1. Here it is :)

I was sitting in my room, just on twitter, tweeting Austin Mahone, no biggie, when all of the sudden, I saw a notification:

@(ytn) you have a new follower on twitter! I clicked it and it opened, slowly. “Come on you stupid computer hurry up!” I yelled at it. It finally opened to my Interactions page. I looked, and screamed in joy.

Austin Mahone has followed you on twitter.

Is what it said. I clicked the picture, making sure it wasn’t a fan account, it was his real account, the one I’ve been tweeting for the past year begging for a follow. Well Mahomies, work pays off. I smiled as he replied to my tweet:

@ytn aw thanks for the birthday wishes, love you too! xox

I smiled so big I thought my cheeks would explode. Maybe I should DM him.

Hey Austin…

I typed. Seconds later I got a reply.


Well Mahomies, it’s up to YOU how this finishes. Write how you think it would end in your mind in the comment section!

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