Was it really like this?

Hej. jeg har skrevet en historie, til en konkurrence herinde. Håber i synes den er god.

Hi. I have written a story, for a competition in here. Hope that you´ll like it.


2. My own ice queen.

This chapter is from the boys view.


I wake up every morning, thinking that my biggest mistake was letting you go. I just loved you so, i didnt knew what i was doing. Just dumb, happy and in love. Why did had i given you those childish ballons, you had always hated ballons. I am so dumb, that i cant remember stuff like that. What are you on earth doing whit a fool, like me. you were, are and will always better then me. But because of that, i still cant figure out, what i have done. What has made you so upset? Some nights, i wish that i was a another guy. just a totaly regulare one. whitout eny problems. And most deeply, i wish i had you.

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