Was it really like this?

Hej. jeg har skrevet en historie, til en konkurrence herinde. Håber i synes den er god.

Hi. I have written a story, for a competition in here. Hope that you´ll like it.


1. Im still trying to remember.

This chapter is from the girls view.


Every day, when i wake up, im trying to remember. Im trying to remember, what was it there made the difference? Was it me, or you, or, were we just grew appart. Cause i was kind of, still in to you. You were, and will always be, the boy of my dreams. So why, why were we sitting here on the curb, whitout giving each other a tought, but still thinking of each other. Saying to our self, that we couldtn care less. When we both knew, it was a lie. I could see it on your face, and i bet, you could see it on my. And if you could not, then why did you look in my eyes, why did i look i yours. I had not even thanked you for the ballons, they were a bit childish, but cute. That is one of those features, of your personality i loved so much. Why did i ever let you go?

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