3. Chapter Two ReBreak

Chapter Two: Re-Break


Lyllina's POV:


It annoyed me that the new girl opened up to Vaann faster than me, but whatever. We all turned our heads to the west. I heard something, I know I did... A boy walked out then. The army! Before we could do anything, the boy charged me. Vaann grabbed Kate and shoved her away, taking Riley with him, keeping them behind him against the wall.

I felt myself begin to change into my Spirit form. I saw the white strands of hair that dangled in my face go transparent and could feel my eyes turn black. My dress turned into a long dark cloak and I saw my bony hand sticking out to form a fist. I growled a low menacing sound in the back of my throat.

The boy smiled at me slightly as he approached. "You’re dead." He whispered as he flung a hand out.

I caught his hand in mine and closed my hand as hard as I could until I heard a satisfying crunching noise. Perfect. He yelped and pulled back only to kick me across the face. I gasped and backed up slightly. He smiled again and rushed toward me. I ducked under his arms and tripped him, sending him tumbling. He sucked in a deep breath as I kicked him right in the back of the head. He turned around quickly grabbing my foot and dragged me down to the ground. He jumped at me in an attempt to send his knife into my throat. I kicked him in his face so hard he went flying back and smacked right into Vaann, who kicked him in the back, and he fell.

Kate stared in shock as she watched, holding onto Vaann's arm like life support. Her green eyes were filled with so many emotions. Fear, surprise, curiosity, amazement, and wonder all in one. I saw her grab at her head and squeeze her eyes shut. What the hell? I was shocked to see the boy stand up. He took his nose and snap it back into place with a wince. The boy's shoulders rolled and rippled, big black wings shooting out of his back with a tearing sound. A Dark Angel...wonderful. A scythe formed in his hand and he ran at me again. I jumped back avoiding it by inches. He held it up glaring at me. I walked forward toward him and walked through the blade and right to him. He stared at me in complete and utter terror. I slapped him across the face, sending him stumbling backward. He had a big red mark across his face now with a scratch that was starting to bleed a bit. He turned on his heel and without another glance over his shoulder, raced off into the forest.

Wimp, I thought to myself with a smile.


Vaann's POV:


"There's no point. There's nothing you can do to help me." Lyllina sighed pulling her hood over her head. I just stared at her knowingly.

"That's not true," A small voice said. I expected it to be Riley, but I turned and saw it was Kate. She can talk! "There's always a way to help someone."

Lyllina didn't answer, so I cut in. "She can talk! We don't have to learn sign language after all!"

Kate glanced at me out of the corner of her eyes and then looked back to Lyllina. She was ignoring me. "But, if you let us, we can help."

"Yeah!" Marissa added.

"I'm fine..." Lyllina said turning away.

I watched her skeptically. I tried to lighten the mood. "So uh...Kate talked."

I heard Riley giggle and saw Marissa smile. "Whoop-de-freakin-doo." Kate said rolling her eyes. "And look! It turns out Vaann does have common sense!" I felt my eye brows turn downward at the annoyed sarcasm in her voice. What the hell? Riley and Marissa laughed again as I crossed my arms. I tapped my foot at her.

"What's wrong with you, moody?"

She shook her head. "You'd know, mutant."

It took me a minute to grasp what she meant. "’re mad at’re normal?"

"That's not what I said." She sighed.

I took a small step closer to the petite blonde with a light chuckle. "But you implied it."

"Think whatever you want." She said waving a dismissing hand as she walked to follow Lyllina. Oh, this would be fun.

"Seriously, though," I said catching up to her. I had my arms behind my head in a chill-like manor. "Normal isn't that bad. You're lucky, actually."

"Lucky?" She snapped back. "Yes, it’s very lucky I can’t protect myself or anyone around me!" She scoffed in exasperation.

"It's not that bad. He's right." Marissa said skipping to my other side. Riley walked a distance behind us.

I sighed, "I like being right." I saw Kate's shoulder twitch a bit and smiled again, holding back a laugh. She was an interesting girl. It would be a good addition to the group. She would add a sense of drama in the least.

Lyllina stopped in front of us. I looked up. Everything was in ruins, broken and tattered. Where else could be but a broken city? Well, probably somewhere better, but no, we were here.

"What the hell? Where are we?" Kate asked.

            "I was about to ask the same question," Marissa muttered looking about.

I sighed. "Alright, let’s split up."

Kate was shaking her head before I even finished. "No, no! If we split up there's more danger for us! Don't be stupid! If we do, we go in groups."

"Fine," I said rolling my eyes. Riley you go with Kate. If anything, scream or something. Marissa, Lyllina, you're with me." Marissa nodded and came closer to my side. "Coming, Lina?"

"I want to go look around myself." Lyllina said in a low voice not looking up.

"You almost got killed last time!"

"I'll be fine." She said reassuringly.

"If you die it’s on your head..." I said giving in.

"Actually," She said lowering her hood. "It's on yours for letting me go." And she swept away without another word.

"Well, damn it." I said as I walked toward the cliff-face toward the Eastern entrance to the city. Marissa followed close behind keeping quiet. There was a building just to my left. "I'll be right back." I told her. I walked into the dark hole that waited for me, shoving any rocks out of my way. As I gripped the side of the door frame, I felt it almost snap away in my hand. Conditions were worse than I thought. Either that, or I was suddenly a lot stronger than before.

The inside was pitch black, and it took a bit for my eyes to adjust. And when they did, well, what a sight it was. Everything was covered in a mossy greenery, that smelled of mold, but wasn't mold. It made my nose tickle. I stepped further into the room, only to notice that water seemed to be dripping from a pipe that hung from its partner. The dripping was a bit relaxing. As I stalked farther into the room, I saw hallways. I was about to go in, but looked through a wide crack in the wall. Marissa was standing with a little boy. Oh no!

I ran from the building as fast as I could. "Marissa, get away from him, now!" I shouted.

As I rounded the corner, I saw them look back at me. And I almost crumbled to the ground. His eyes...

I shook my head to get a hold of myself. It wasn't him. It couldn't have been. "Marissa, get away!"

She backed up as the boy turned toward me. It’s not him, I reminded myself, not him. "Hello, Vaann." The boy's grin widened impossibly, into something so menacing it burned me to the core. I readied myself with my knives as he crept closer. His hand took on the shape of a large sword and I flinched. This would be hard...

He charged at me, swinging his sword toward me. I jumped up and over the small boy landing behind him to elbow him in the head. He cried out but swung around, his hand a metal crowbar. He hit me right in the stomach which such force that I doubled over and vomited.

"Vaann!" Marissa gasped.

"J-just stay back!" I warned her struggling to stand.

The boy was grinning at me. "Can't take a hit?"

I growled and ran at him kicking him in the stomach so he crashed into the wall and crumbled. Not him, not him...          

He stood up with a little whine and cracked his neck. "Why won’t you just hold still?"

He ran at me again and I managed to dodge and send him toppling to the ground, where I shoved his face into the dirt. I laughed as he flailed his arms for a second. "Can’t take a hit?" I mimicked him.

Suddenly, he braced his hands on the ground and shoved and I stumbled back. I caught my balance before I fell, but he sent a bullet into my shoulder. I cried out and gripped the building for support. Blood trickled down my arm. Before I could regain myself, he whacked me on the side of the head and I fell.

"Hey, Marissa, he's all yours-I think I'm gonna take a little nap-" Before I finished I fell unconscious. But somehow I was still fully aware of everything that went on around me.

I heard Marissa's struggles and then some screams. Was she okay? No, that wasn’t her screaming...Kate and Riley! I tried to force my eyes open but everything felt so heavy. I had to help! The screaming ceased and was replaced by a wild growling. What the hell was that?

"Vaann! Vaann, can you hear me?" Marissa's voice was right above me, but I couldn’t respond. "Kate, Riley! Help me move him!"

"His legs!" Riley said. "It must have happened when Kate threw Zack into the wall."

What happened? What were they talking about? I felt a sharp pain and felt myself turn to stone and my face scrunch up. "I'm sorry! It's done!" I heard Riley gasp. I felt hands pick me up and felt us move. "Wake up, Vaann!" Riley's voice called.

Someone slapped my face, and it stung. I couldn’t even yell back!

"Kate, hurting him won’t help!" Marissa sighed.

"Shh!" Kate said slapping me again.

"Kate, I don't think that's a good-"

I felt the last slap hit me harder than the others and my eyes snapped open. I sat up quick, clawing at the empty spot Kate just was. I saw her watching from a safe but close distance in a defensive crouch, like small feline, her hands braced to the ground as she leaned forward slightly. Her expression was blank, her green eyes meeting my blue ones with a thousand questions that seemed to hit me like a brick. She was tensed. I'm fine.. or I will be, I thought toward her. She untensed easily and I stared in fascination, did that really just work?

"I'll get you, you-you!" I couldn't even think of a good insult as I pushed myself back into my pain and anger toward the blonde.

"You should be thanking me, I just woke you up!" Kate's questioning eyes turned to a glare/

"It hurt!" I said trying to stand. My legs gave out beneath me, totally numb, and my spine throbbed and screamed out. "OUCH!" I screeched.

"You must have broken your legs when the rocks fell on you..." Marissa said.

"And whose fault is that?" I said looking to Kate, who stuck her tongue out at me.

"Where's Lyllina?" Riley wondered.

I was looking at Marissa now. "Is it gonna hurt?"


"Just do it." I sighed and let my head fall back so she could do her thing. She let her hands flutter over my legs, just barely brushing against them as her hands seemed to glow the gentlest of green colors, a few shades darker than Kate's eyes. I felt a warmth run up my legs. I clamped my mouth shut to keep from crying out at the pain. When she finished, I smiled and jumped up. "I'm healed!" And fell... "No I'm not!"

"Turn over..." Marissa said. "I have to re-break your spine, and fix it...its gonna hurt...a lot..."

I sighed and flipped over. "Just get it over with!" This time I couldn't help but cry out. I even blacked out for part of it. I woke when I felt someone dump water on me. I saw Riley holding a bucket as I jetted forward into a sitting position gasping. I waited for pain to hit. Nothing. Nada. I stood. "Well, I guess I'm better. I expected worse but... Eh." I shrugged.

"Did you want it to hurt worse?" Marissa laughed.

"N-no!" I said cringing away. I looked to see Kate hovering over a figure. The figure peeked around her at me. Not him, not him. I chanted in my head. But as I met his eyes again, it fell apart. It was him... Zack...

I walked over to them cautiously. "What did he say?" I tried not to meet his eyes, but I could feel him staring.

"Nothing much. Just that he was forced into it. But they killed his sister." Kate said turning to me. "He doesn't know anything else."

"Wonderful." I said. My heart throbbed with pain, pain that not even Marissa could fix. "Riley, make an illusion so we can go without him seeing."

"Why? He seems trustworthy." She said, walking to us to peer down at Zack's tiny frame. He looked so frail to me.

"Just do it!" I said and turned away.

"Oh my god, I'll do it!" I heard Kate groan in exasperation.

"Make an illusion?" I turned to look at her confused. I saw her grab at the bottom of her shirt and tear a long strip away.

"No, this." She said tying the cloth to Zack's eyes like a blindfold.

"Okay, good. Let's go..." I said walking away. I stared straight ahead, refusing to look back.

As we walked on, Riley and Kate took either side of me. Which shocked me. Cause I thought Kate hated me. I turned to Riley as she grabbed the bottom of my shirt. "Why do you follow me around? Not that it’s bad, but..." I trailed off not sure what to say.

"Oh, you remind me of my-" She cut off and looked down. It was quiet for a few minutes.

"You were going to say brother weren't you?" I said looking down sadly. She looked down sniffling. I pat her back for a second before sending her to stand with Lyllina, who had just joined up again, and Marissa, for comfort. That just left Kate and I. I felt a bit different with it just being us. It was quiet for a while before she actually spoke to me. "Do you have any siblings?" She asked me.

I flinched again and hoped she didn't notice. "Huh? Why do you ask?"

"I don't know. I was just wondering. Is that bad?" She said in a small voice.

"No, not at all," I smiled at her as she looked up. Then it was my turn to look down. "Yeah, I had two...A young brother and sister."

"Are they..." She trailed off peeking up at me.

"Dead? One of them is yeah... The other is...” I stopped unsure. Could I trust her? She was staring at me waiting. Her eyes seemed different... almost inviting.

"Is what?" She asked urging me on.

I sighed. "Remember that kid... Zack?"

Her eye brows furrowed. "What about him?"

I paused for a second looking up. Kate stopped beside me and waited as I stared at the sky. The others walked around and ahead of us. They stared in wonder, watching us. Lyllina went to stop, but Marissa grabbed her arm and pulled her forward, whispering something about Kate and I in her ear. Lyllina watched another second before she nodded and walked on. I let out a slow breath when they were out of ear shot. "He's my little brother... And the girl that got killed was my sister."

"I'm sorry!" She chirped throwing her hand over her mouth. "I shouldn't have brought it up. It was stupid of me!"

"No, it’s okay. You would have found out eventually." I smiled down at her sadly.

She met my eyes, keeping quiet for a moment. "H-how did you know?" She wondered and then looked back down.

I pulled at her arm lightly and set us a pace again. "I could tell when I looked in his eyes...but I didn't want to believe it at first."

"So why did you leave him there?" She said veering off to the left. "We have to go back!"

I grabbed her arm before she could make a big fuss and dragged her back. "No, we keep going."

"But he’s your brother!"

"And he’s also part of the Shadow Army."

"That means nothing! He’s still your brother!" She said in a hushed tone, copying me. Riley peeked over her shoulder at us in concern as Kate and I halted again to whisper to each other, as I tried to reason with her.

"He chose his path. We can’t fix that."

"But...won’t you miss him?"

"Of course," I smiled weakly at her. "But everything comes with a price." I pat her head with a smile to reassure her I was okay. She didn't look convinced. Before she could question me further, I took my spot in the lead. Kate rushed forward to steal a spot beside me, Riley stealing the other. They stuck to my side like glue. But Kate was always there now. Even when we stopped to make camp, she would sleep as close to me as she could, trying to make it not obvious, though it was at least to me. But I understood her feeling. It was like a pull keeping me by her. When she wasn’t right beside me, I felt the pulling urge just get stronger. But I didn’t understand this feeling until much later. And even then it didn’t make much sense to me. And even now it doesn’t.











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