2. Chapter One: The Meeting

Chapter One: The Meeting


I'm human. My name is Kate. I don't know how I got here, or how everything got destroyed. It's all a mess! I can’t remember anything but my name and that I'm human. I don't even remember if I have a family or not. But I guess these people are my family now. This black haired warrior and the rest of the group. Like Riley.

The group wasn't that big. But it still made me uncomfortable. I didn't much like people. It made me feel even more alone. I've always been alone. People never really got under my skin. Or became friends with me. That's why I was sitting here, away from the group, while they all talked and ate. And I was alone.

My name is Kate. I'm human. I'm still normal, not mutated. My goal is to regain my memories. This is what I repeat to myself over and over again. It’s the only thing that keeps me going. It’s what keeps me sane.

I brought my knees to my chest hugging myself into a ball. It was cold. The breeze sent my blonde hair out in a frenzy. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on better things. But all I saw was blood... I held my breath and ground my teeth when the screaming started. The screaming of people I couldn't help. I covered my ears, but that did no help. The screaming was inside...

Who was screaming you ask? No, not the group sitting so close to me that I could hear them breathing. It was just people! I didn't know them. I saw the faces, begging me to help. How though? How? I didn't even know how I made it! I just remember waking up with the dead around me. I panicked and ran. What else could I do! I was terrified!

I went for help, but everywhere had the same results. And I just gave in. I thought about killing myself. I had no one, I was alone. But a little voice urged me on. And so I followed where it led me. To people. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

I was being tracked, so I hid in a tree. He finally left, but I didn't leave my tree. I felt safe up there. That's when I saw them. The group. There was at least six or seven of them. I sunk back into the shadow of the tree as they passed. The long haired boy looked like the leader. Or maybe the white haired girl.

When they ran passed, I fell out of the tree. The boy was still there. I fell and quickly backed away. He went to turn to see me, but stopped. A voice was calling an unfamiliar name.

"Vaann! Hurry, come here!"

He took off with such speed that I gasped. I sighed and looked up to see a small golden haired girl peeking around the corner of a building at me. Who was she? I got up to scramble away quickly. I didn't want to be here. I ran into the village before me to hide.

"Vaann, the sky!" The voice cried again, not too far off.

I looked up to see what she meant. A dark cloud of what looked like giant bees was coming toward us. As they got closer I saw they were odd miss-shapen creatures led by one girl. The girl had long black hair that swirled out behind her. The creatures had a look about them that made me want to gag. They were all black, some lumpy, others not. Their teeth were sharp and a yellowish color stained red. From what I could tell, their eyes were a sickly green.

I hid behind a building quivering with fear. What the hell were those things!

"The army! Stay here!" A deep voice called. I saw the long haired boy fly by with quick speed. Not only was there speed but grace in his run, which made me jealous in a way. I shrank back in my hiding spot, afraid to be seen. I couldn't trust anyone. I hid my face childishly, hoping not to be seen. It was quiet until I heard footsteps. "W-what's going on!" The deep voice was closer to me than before, too close for comfort. I looked up to see a greenish veil. We couldn't be seen. "There's other here! Who's there?"

"I am..." A whimpering voice called. I looked to see the girl that was peeking at me before. She looked terribly pale. Like she was about to be sick. The white haired girl and the boy I guessed to be Vaann ran toward her.

"Oh my god!" The white haired girl said. "Are okay?"

"I'm guessing you're the reason we're alive?" Vaann said softly, kneeling beside her.

She was quiet for a second before she spoke, her voice sounding worse. "Yes. I'm Riley..."

"You go find the other person. She's full of fear. I can practically smell it." By the sound of his voice he sounded like he was grimacing. "It'll be easy for you."

"Right." I heard the footsteps grow closer. "Hello? We won’t hurt you, please come out!" I held my breath as she grew closer. Finally, her face popped up before mine. "Hello there. Don't be scared." She smiled stepped back to wait for me to stand. She put her hands on her hips and glowered down at me when I didn't move. "Vaann, she won’t come out!"

"She's probably scared. Watch out." I saw hands shove her aside. "Watch and learn Lyllina." So that was the girl’s name. He knelt down in front of me smiling. I blinked at him. He had long flowing black hair that he tied back out of his face. His light blue eyes held mine. I noticed one was slightly lighter than the other. "Hi, I'm Vaann. Are you okay? What’s your name?"

"Uh...I'm Kate..." I saw Lyllina's jaw drop. She looked slightly offended.

"Are you human?" He asked, making my eyes darted back to him.

"Am I human? Well, duh. Aren't you?" I said, slightly baffled by his question.

"Good answer," he said with a light laugh. He held out his hand to me. I hesitated before taking it. He pulled me up with such force I almost fell forward. It was Lyllina's turn to laugh. She tried to hide it with a cough. I looked up at her with an expression mixed between a pout and a glare, though, I knew my cheeks were flushed a bright red. Suddenly her head snapped to the left followed by Riley's head and then Vaann's...








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