x_Deadly Kisses_x

Arabella black is a 18year old girl with a wild and wreckless streak. She's gorgeous, smart and the biggest tease you will eveer meet, she's that girl you can neve have and neveer be......well you could have her, if you were an experienced ancient vampire who is still looks 27


1. Finally an Adult

Arabella was beyond ecstatic even though it was six in the morning. The fact that she wasn't a morning person was long forgotten as she got up that morning. It was her birthday and she was finally eighteen. She was, under the law an adult now, not like that stopped her from getting what she wanted before. Arabella was an extremely beautiful girl, her complexion was something that girls and guys alike wished their tanning would look like, the perfect caramel. She had waist length long wavy black hair, bright green eyes and perfectly puoted lips that were naturally kissed pink. She was also lucky enough to have a full hour glass figure and since she wasn't short , she had the long legs to match. Her beauty had gotten her into countless clubs and resteraunts that you would have to book reservations for months in advance without even batting an eyelash. No matter where she want she had an effect on people. She wasn't conceited or haughty, she was outgoing,loving,funny and smart. She was close to perfect....close. It was her wild , wreckless , carefree streak that some said made her fall short of that perfection. She loved taking risks and living her life not worrying about the next day but above all, she loved being a tease. She felt no greater joy than making sure that no matter how goodlooking a guy was, he knew, he could never have her....nobody could....or so she thinks...
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