We Are Clara Oswin Oswald

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  • Published: 4 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2014
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I am Oswin Oswald, Junior Entertainment Manager of Starship Alaska.
I am Clara Oswin, a Governess and barmaid.
I am Clara Oswald, I am a nanny.

What we have in common is each other.
We are Clara Oswin Oswald. We were born to save The Doctor.


5. I Was Born to Save The Doctor

Day 73974274062363,

   The days go on for my lives everywhere. It's like breaking into a million pieces. I'm Clara Oswald, I'm the impossible girl. I was born to save The Doctor.

   I started the day with my soufflé, even though at the time I didn't know I was to become Soufflé Girl. I was called to the conference, with Vastra, Jenny and Strax, and the woman with the space hair. They said: 'His friends are lost forevermore, unless he goes to Trenzalore.' At that time, I woke up. And he cried. The Doctor, cried. 

   It was what I had already done, and he'd already seen me do it. The lady with the space hair told me that if I entered The Doctor's time stream, the Time Windows would tear me into a million pieces. A million versions of me, and that the real me, would die. Doctor Simeon had already infected his life, and the Whispermen had already said that 'The girl who died he tried to save, she'll die again inside his grave.'

   He was The Doctor. My Doctor. My Eleventh Doctor. I stepped into the Time Window, and in hundreds of places, I was born, I lived, and I died. I had always been there, saving The Doctor, running to The Doctor, from the very beginning. I'm Clara Oswald. I was born to save The Doctor. And my story, was done.

   I didn't know where I was, I didn't know where I'd been, but it seemed that i had been everywhere. I didn't know who I am. But I know now. I was The Impossible Girl, and to me, I was finished. But I wasn't any Impossible Girl. I was his Impossible Girl. It was impossible, but I knew I could do it. All those times I've saved him, all those times over the years and once, just once, just for the hell of it, I let him save me. Me. Clara Oswald. That's who I am. Clara Oswald is who I will always be. Flying through the world, blowing on a leaf never landing, never stopping. I won't land. But now I know. I know why I was in the Dalek Asylum and why I was in Victorian London. 

   I did tell The Doctor to run, I told him to run, that clever boy, and to remember me. But I don't need to now. Because I am running with him. As me. Clara Oswald, with a thousand lives. The Impossible Girl.

   I'm running with him. And we will always, remember. 

   But then, one thing I don't remember... his secret... his name. A name, is like a promise you keep. Someone broke it. He was was the secret, the one that broke the promise...



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