Poems, as Practice

These are just some poems off the top of my head, and I would like some comments, but please, nothing rude. Im very emotional and insecure


4. Voices


Joyful and Happy,

Ringing in the air,

The sound of the notes at perfect pitch,

Music in the background to go along,

Her beautiful voice a melody,

Eyes sparkling as she sings,


Her phone vibrated,

Excited she stopped,

She looked at the message

"Im sorry, I can't do this -your now ex"

As tears shed down her face,

Her smiled disappeared,

and the Voices gone,

No one will see her smile now...


Along came a boy and saw her crying,

he asked

"What's wrong?"

She told him the story,

As he listened,

"I'm sorry it happened"

She looked at him with a tear on her cheek,

He had a slight smile,

He used his thumb to wipe the tear,

A light smile upon her face,

Pulling her close,

He whispered

"I Love You"


And with that he Kissed her,

The voices came back,

And with that,

She has smiled ever since.

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