Poems, as Practice

These are just some poems off the top of my head, and I would like some comments, but please, nothing rude. Im very emotional and insecure


1. The two of us, Against the World!

He looked at me,

His eyes are soft,

Filled with joy and happiness,

I get lost in his stare,

My knees get weak when he smiles,

All he dose is look at me,

And I'm in love with him again.


He may not be Mr. Perfect to others,

But he's Mr. Perfect to me,

I may not be Mrs. Perfect,

I didn't think so either,

Till he told me I was.



The both of us,

The two of us,

In a world,

Full of obstacles,

He takes my hand and says,

"If you fall, I fall with you, Together."

And with that I was left to say,

"Together forever.  The Two Of Us, against the world."

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