Poems, as Practice

These are just some poems off the top of my head, and I would like some comments, but please, nothing rude. Im very emotional and insecure


5. Spring Day

A gentle breeze in my hair,

Squinting in the sun,

I look around,

Seeing silence, peace, ease,

The suns warm rays on my skin,

Another warm spring day,


Blue bangs and blondish hair,

Gently blowing in the breeze,

It's cold, yet warmed,

My heart flutter at this feeling,


The sun,




It's so close,

I feel it's warmth on my back,

My back is warm to the touch,

For it is bright,

It hurts my eyes,

It is yet,

Another spring day



Only my pen to the paper,

The breeze,

And my music,

In this silent neighborhood,

A smile upon my face,

Another spring day.

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