Poems, as Practice

These are just some poems off the top of my head, and I would like some comments, but please, nothing rude. Im very emotional and insecure


2. Love For Two

I look at him,

He smiles at me,

But he's far away,

Could it be?


When he comes back from the far place,

He will be closer,

But still far away,

He goes back to his state,

As I stay in mine.

I bet when he comes back,

All my pain, will just go away.


My name is Hailey,

My friends call me Kitty,

His name is Nick,

And he's my Prince,

He told me he loves me,

As I said the same,

Till death do you part,

Forever and Ever.


We together,

Facing the world,

No matter what comes up,

We will never give up,

This is all we need,

Together in the breeze,

Only us,

Just the love,

The love, for two

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