Poems, as Practice

These are just some poems off the top of my head, and I would like some comments, but please, nothing rude. Im very emotional and insecure


7. Could it Be?

I do things,

So does he,

Does he do it for me?


I see him,

He sees me,

I open my mouth,

How stupid I must be,


I do stupid things,

So does he,

I ask myself,

Is it true?

Is this real?


It's been about five years,

Since we met,

And every time I see him,

I fall deeper,

Into the pit of love,


He waves,

As do I,

I act weird,

And he does,

He's amazing,

And Im nothing.


I get butterflies,

When he looks at me,

Does he feel the way I do?

Or is this just a game,

And Im getting played?

All I know is,

Im in love,

At least I think.


The question is,

Could it be?

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